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Unidentified bodies piling up in Tacloban

It's a daunting task- identifying hundreds of corpses in typhoon ravaged Tacloban in central Philippines. A small team of just six people ... tags: bodyForensicsJulieNocepilingreportsTacloban

Tv9 Gujarat - Lady attacked in mumbai local train by unidentified man

In Mumbai , One more incident of lady attacked in mumbai local train took place. City police has filed the complaint and investigating on ...

Unidentified object floating outside space station?

Unidentified object floating outside station Sort of... On the morning of August 19, NASA astronaut Chris Cassidy noticed an unidentified ... tags: FunnyInternational_Space_StationISSobjectOffbeatoutsidespace

The Indian Conspiracy - UFOs On India-China Border

Indian and Chinese authorities have confirmed the existence of an underground UFO base in the Himalayas. Kongka La is the low ridge pass in ... tags: FilesflyingHuntersincidentobjectRoswellUFO

HTC One sales stronger than last year's flagship devices

The word from HTC, is that the HTC One handset has helped the company regain market share in key markets, including China. tags: CityComputingCorporationHTCmid-tierproductssmartphone

'Jane Doe' dropped off at JFK Medical Center

Authorities now know the identity of a Florida woman was dropped off at JFK Medical Center and later died, but the mystery continues as to ... tags: autopsyCenterconditioncriticaldeathJFKMedical

[ISS] Unidentified Space Debris Forces Crew into Soyuz Spacecrafts

Flight controllers in Mission Control at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston monitored the close approach of an unidentified piece of ... tags: CrewDebrisevacuationForcesinternationalintoiss

Former UFO investigator discusses new declassified MoD files

Former UFO investigator, Nick Pope, discusses the latest classified documents to be released by the National Archives. Report by Mark ... tags: aliensandfinallyflyinginvestigatornickpope

Aliens exist on earth

Aliens exist on earth Here is my hard core proof of the existence of aliens Becareful They can be living around you tags: alienaliensearthexistenceflyingobjecton