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Uncle Sam Rants: Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Negative Ads

If you're like Uncle Sam, you're sick to death of politicians letting their buddies run negative ads against their competition, the way ... tags: 2012ApplebeesBarney FrankcharacterCmpaignCourtElection

Washington, DC incomes highest as poverty gap widens

10/24/11 According to a Bloomberg report, Washington, DC now has a higher median income than San Jose, home to Silicon Valley. Isolated from ... tags: capitol DC economy income inequality k street news

Occupy Wall Street protest celebrates one-month birthday

10/19/11 Occupy Wall Street hits the one-month mark this week. Even the protesters are amazed they've lasted this long. The demonstrations, ... tags: #occupywallst american dream Barack Obama democratic party demonstration funny london

Poverty in the US at 50-year high

09/14/11 Poverty in the US has hit a 50-year high, with 46.2 million, or one in seven Americans living below the official poverty line. ... tags: animated news china comedy copper democrats economy falling income

War Inc.: Pentagon using fun to find new guns for hire

The Pentagon's still spending huge amounts of dollars to convince young Americans to sign up for the Army. Its close ties with Hollywood ... tags: Air Force ad blockbuster campaign captain america commercial computer game enlist

Barackalypse Now: Rise of the Bears

08/09/11 The US credit rating has recently dropped from an AAA to AA+ rating, leaving the investors and the world economy in a state of ... tags: animation Barack Obama Hu Jintao Next Media Next Media Animation NMA Rise of the Bears

Izzard's First Thanksgiving

A stop motion animation to Eddie's wonderful First Thanksgiving. Animation by John Cannizzaro. tags: eddie izzard experimental indian john cannizzaro pilgrims smokehouse films stop motion