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Ukrainian Videos - 3 by Popular

Ukrainian opposition leader: "close presidential aides gave riot police order"

Ukraines pro-Europe protests have seen politicians and public alike demonstrating on the streets of Kiev in their thousands. Increasingly ... tags: aidesEU-Ukraine_2013Kievleader:oppositionpoliceProtests_in_Ukraine

Footage released alleging Ukrainian police brutality

Dramatic footage has emerged appearing to show an unidentified person being beaten by Ukrainian police Allegedly filmed on December 1, some ... tags: allegingbrutalityFootagepolicePolice_violenceProtests_in_Ukrainereleased

Ukraine PM: Protesters will be punished for "illegal acts"

Thousands of anti-government protesters remain on the streets of Kiev for the 14th day. A rally forms outside of Kiev city jail, as ... tags: actsforillegalKievPrimereportsstreets

Ukrainian authorities warn protesters they will be treated as criminals

The Ukrainian prime minister has warned protesters they are committing a criminal offence if they block or occupy official buildings.His ... tags: criminalsEuropean_UnionKievprotestersProtests_in_UkrainetheyUkraine

Former Ukrainian presidents call for government dialogue with protesters

Three former Ukrainian presidents have urged the current government to listen to protesters camped out in Kyiv .Leonid Kravchuk, Leonid ... tags: dialogueforgovernmentKievpresidentsProtestprotesters

Protesters march on parliament

Ukrainian opposition protesters gathered outside the country's parliament building in central Kiev on Tuesday December 3 urging the ... tags: andCutforleadersnarrationoutsideparliament

Protests rage in Ukraine amid calls for early elections

Ukrainian protesters keep controlling Ukraines capital Kiev. About 1000 protesters blocked off the Ukrainian government, preventing ... tags: employeesEuropegovernmentKievProtestsUkrainian

Economy Ukrainian revolution's most pressing task

Just hours after the Ukrainian parliament rejected the no-confidence motion in the Yanukovych government Russias Gazprom and the Ukrainian ... tags: EconomyMarketsmostpressingrevolutionsRussiatask

Yanukovich calls for peaceful rallies

After a weekend marked by violent protests and a police crackdown, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich is calling for peaceful protests. ... tags: andappealsbothcallsforpolicePresident

EU's Barroso agrees to meet Ukrainian officials

The head of the European Commission has agreed to meet with a delegation from Ukraine to discuss closer ties with the EU.But Jose Manuel ... tags: agreesBarrosoBarroso_EU_CommissionEUsKievmeetofficials

Tens of thousands call for resignation of Ukraine's president

Rising tension in Ukraine. That's where 100,000 protesters in the capitol, Kiev, called for the resignation of President Viktor Yanukovich ... tags: 11thblocdayentersforitsprotests

Protesters, journalists take a beating in Ukraine

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Police beat protesters and journalists outside of the Ukrainian presidential administration building ... tags: administrationandCutnarrationoutsidePoliceProtesters