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Toilet Videos - 3 by Popular

Headlines: Beijing's "two fly" toilet rule

'CBS This Morning' takes a look at some of the day's headlines from around the globe.

Flushable wipes not so flushable?

The Orange County, Calif., Sanitation District claims flushable wipes do not break down as advertised and as a result, they are clogging ...

Portal 2 Tests of the Week - Toilets, Opera, Golf!

Cam and Jane take a look at three community test maps from the Perpetual Testing Initiative. This week featuring a toilet, some opera and ...

Police Hunting for Toilet Paper Thieves

Police in Northern York County, Pennsylvania have gone public with their plea to find suspects who have been accused of stealing toilet ...

Amazing Self Cleaning Toiler Seat

Someones going to poop on the rim and it's going to smear it everywhere. You just fking knowiumlraquoiquest it. Watch more videos here ...


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Woman Allegedly Scams 4 People Out of $100,000 for Toilet Fan Scheme

A woman in Deerfield Beach, Florida has been accused of scamming four people out of more than 100,000, after getting them to invest in a ...

Man Finds Snake on Toilet in Starbucks Restroom

Recently, a man visiting a San Antonio Starbucks got quite a shock after witnessing a snake lying across a toilet in the businesss ...

Luxury Toilet Paper Costs $13 Per Roll

A Japanese company is now offering a monthly subscription service which delivers rolls of toilet paper to customers door. The cost for each ...

Biggest Ornate frog poop EVER!!!!!

This female ornate horned pacman frog took a massive one in her water dish today... Check it out The biggest poop EVER

Chinese City Fines Public Toilet Users With Poor Aim

Public bathroom users with bad aim will now be given fines in Shenzhen, China.Public bathroom users with bad aim will now be given fines in ... tags: bad_aim_toiletchinesefine_bad_aimfine_toiletpoor_aimpoor_aim_toiletpublic_toilet_fine

Toilet Dating: New Trend or Future Failure?

A dating site in the UK called Doing Something is trying a very different tactic to get singles to mingle Toilet Dating. On Friday nights, ... tags: datingDoinghumorLOLnewsoddROFL