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Analyse de sequence - THX 1138

Analyse d'une sequence du film 'THX 1138' de George Lucas Presente par Arnaud Didelot Ralis par Pierre Dodin Suivez nous sur Facebook ... tags: 1138GeorgeLucasTHX

Laptop: Upgrade or Replace? Super Bowl HDTV Tweaks! Blackberry Z10 Revealed! Free THX Tune-Up, ...

When you should upgrade or replace your laptop, Super Bowl HDTV tweaks, the Blackberry Z10 is revealed and more on this Tekzilla tags: 17-5641bb10buyemeraldlaptopnewthx

Kids React to Meme Video - Run Potato Run (Death of a Meme)

My friend Dave sent me this video of his kids today after they had watched the last video. He says there are addicted to the song now and ... tags: againalongbreakchangechannelChildchildren

PlayStation 3D Display: SimulView Review! Vizio Ultrawide 21:9 HDTV Ship Dates? And THX Mode vs ...

Two can play on one screen Robert reviews the new PlayStation 3D Display with SimulView. Plus trust your HDTV's THX mode, or fire up the ... tags: 21:9benchmarkbetterblack_barsblu-raycalibrationdisplay

Jack The Giant Killer Theatrical Trailer

What a neat idea from the super talented Bryan Singer. This looks great, and the kid playing Jack, Nicholas Hoult, was really good in X-Men ... tags: 196870sactionadventureblockbusterbrandobryan

Prometheus Teaser Trailer

Supposedly this is not a prequel or sequel to Scott's amazing original Alien, but it certainly takes place in the same universe. Can't wait ... tags: 1968actionalienblockbustercinemaclassicfi

Haywire Theatrical Trailer 1

Gina Carano is smokin' hot, and Soderbergh is an awesome filmmaker, so this should be pretty kick-ass. tags: 1968actionboxfightermmamovieoffice

Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy Theatrical Trailer

Gary Oldman is a great actor, and he is great in this adaptation of John LeCarre's famous novel. The Smiley character was first played by ... tags: 1968alecbbccinemageorgeguinessoscar

John Carter Teaser Trailer

Andrew Stanton is one of the best directors working today. This will be a great movie. tags: 1968blockbusterburroughscomicsdisneyedgarkitsch

John Carter Theatrical Trailer

I loved the books and Marvel Comics as a kid, and Andrew Stanton of Pixar fame is one of the top filmmakers in the business. This could be ... tags: 1968blockbusterburroughscomicsdisneyedgarkitsch