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JUNGLE BOOK & ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2 Get Release Dates - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Disney has just announced the release dates for 2 of its upcoming fantasy film. A JUNGLE BOOK and ALICE IN WONDERLAND 2. Buy ... tags: Alice_in_WonderlandAMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkDennis_TzengDisneyErin_DarlingFantasy

Scorcese's WOLF OF WALL STREET Keeps 3 Hour Run Time - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio We have all been curious to see if Martin Scorsese would keep his 3 hour film 'The Wolf of Wall ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAmirose_EisenbachCasinoDavid_LynchDennis_TzengErin_Darling

Donnie Yen In Big Box Office Hollywood Films? Asian American Challenge - AMC

Full Episode Shot at studio in Hollywood CA User Submitted Question Ariel Adames writes Greetings Sons of AMC My following ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkBlade_IIDennis_TzengDonnie_YenHeroHit_Man

ROBOPOCALYPSE - are Spielberg, Hathaway and Hemsworth still on? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Shot at studio in Hollywood CA User Submitted Question Eric Esquivel writes Hey AMC, my question is about Steven ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAnne_HathawayChris_HemsworthKrisily_KennedyLincolnRobopocalypse

Will a TRUE LIES 2 Help Arnold's Career? - AMC Movie News

Full Episode Mail Bag Question Michael Jones writes Hey guys love the show and can't get enough of it. The other day you all discussed if ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkArnold_SchwarzeneggerErin_Darlingescape_planfast_and_furiousjames_cameron

STAR WARS EP 7 Photo of JJ Abrams and R2D2 - AMC Movie News

Shot at studios, WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE A behind-the-scenes photo has been released of J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy and a ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_Talkanakin_skywalkerc3podroidErin_DarlingGeorge_Lucas

Will Smith and Shawn Levy join THE CITY THAT SAILED - AMC Movie News

Shot at WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE Will Smith will star in a new film called The City That Sailed from director Shawn Levy Buy ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkCity_that_SailedDate_NightDennis_TzengErin_DarlingJon_Schnepp

Dating with Ric Drasin on Tuff and Tender

Tuff and Tender is discusses the relationships between men and women, dating marriage communication, and compromise. Ric talks about where ... tags: Compassiondatingdating_adviceempowerme.tverin_tillmanGirlfriendsGym

Angelina Jolie as MALEFICENT Hit The Web - AMC Movie News

More Clips Here Walt Disney Pictures has revealed the first trailer for the new Angelina Jolie film MALEFICENT Buy movie tickets, get ... tags: Academy_AwardAlice_in_WonderlandAMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkAngelina_JolieAvatarElle_Fanning

THOR THE DARK WORLD Is Dominating The Box Office - AMC Movie News

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE Thor's mighty hammer dominated at the box office this weekend, racking up 327 million worldwide for Disney Buy ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkBeta_Ray_BillDisneyErin_DarlingJon_CampeaJon_Schnepp

Kevin Smith leaks the NEW BAT SUIT - AMC Movie News

WATCH FULL EPISODE HERE Mail Bag Question Jay Jibs writes Hey guys, you are one of a kind. Kevin Smith said on his podcast recently that ... tags: AMC_Movie_NewsAMC_Movie_TalkBatman_vs._SupermanbatsuitBen_AffleckErin_DarlingJohn_Campea

TEMPLE RUN Movie Being Developed By Warner Bros. - AMC Movie News

Full Episode It's being reported that Warner Bros and Harry Potter producer David Heyman are going to develop a big screen adaptation for ... tags: amc_movie_newsamc_movie_talkamirose_eisenbachDavid_Heymanerin_darlingjohn_campeaTemple_Run