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Martian Moon Has Weird Grooves On Its Surface

A new 3D video taken by Mars Express shows the weird stripes the surface of Phobos has. Scientists cannot yet explain how those lines ... tags: craterEuropean_Space_AgencyExplorationimpactMars_ExpressMoonsPhobos

Most Still Believe In JFK Assassination Conspiracy

Some things will never die and John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theories appear to be among them. Fifty years later, no less than ... tags: AssassinationconspiracycultureHouseKennedyStatesTexas_School_Book_Depository

Top Ten - Conspiracy Theories

10 Subliminal Advertising Can subliminal advertising make you purchase a product According to, a subliminal message ... tags: 10ConspiracyTenTheoriestheoryTop

Fed's dimmer outlook could mean longer bond buying

The Federal Reserve stopped short of signaling any timetable Wednesday for slowing its bond buying. Instead, it dropped hints that it might ... tags: bankCentralEconomicFederalFinanceMacroeconomicsReserve

Arkham City Sequel Theories

Subscribe Follow Us On Twitter Become a Real Fan Lasercorn breaks out the chalkboard and goes down the list of his theories for a Batman ... tags: arkhambatmancityclevvergamesofopinion

Website Purchased to Deny Boston Bombing Conspiracy Theories

A designer and web developer purchased with a unique purpose in mind -- to prevent anyone with a ... tags: BostonConspiracyDenyDigitalOn-DemandOraTelevision

Frost over the World - Conspiracy theories - 15 May 09

Author and journalist David Aaronovitch discusses the popularity of conspiracy theories. tags: aaronovitchaljazeeraconspiracydavidfrostoversir

Building a Myth Out of a Man?

A combination of conspiracy theories and misinformation is building Osama bin Laden's death into a fantasy-like legend. tags: administrationconspiracydeathdogsnavynewsobama

JFK assassinator's coffin to go on sale

For the JFK-assassination conspiracy junkie who has everything Lee Harvey Oswald's coffin. A Los Angeles auction house ... tags: angelesassassinationdepositoryharveykennedyleelos

John Hagelin The Effects of Meditation on the Brain

John Hagelin The Effects of Meditation on the BrainScience and Nonduality - Embassy Suites and Marin CenterJohn Hagelin, PhDPresident of ... tags: consciousnessDemonstrationfieldHagelinJohnNationalProject

Public still in the dark over Litinenko case

A year has passed since the Russian authorities ruled out extraditing the man Britain says is the main suspect in the Aleksandr Litvinenko ... tags: BritishcaseconspiracyevidenceLitinenkomurdertheories

CrossTalk on 9/11: Whodunit?

In this edition of CrossTalk host Peter Lavelle asks his guests why discussion of the events of 9/11 continue to attrack so much attention ... tags: AnnieconspiracyGageHenshallIanLavelleMachon