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Admiral Radley at The Guest Apartment - 08.20.2010

A slurp of laid back, California indie pop is yours for the taking in this episode of The Guest Apartment with Admiral Radley. tags: Admiral_Radleyfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Alec Ounsworth at The Guest Apartment - 01.29.2010

CYHSY front man Alec Ounsworth brings a few songs from his '09 solo release Mo Beauty by The Guest Apartment. tags: Alec_Ounsworthfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

The Mynabirds at The Guest Apartment - 02.05.2010

Laura Burhenn introduces her new project The Mynabirds with this poignant set from the piano room at The Guest Apartment. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

Ane Brun at The Guest Apartment - 05.10.2010

Norwegian songwriter Ane Brun settles in to a warm, glowing acoustic session and a bit of candid conversation in our latest release of the ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

Woodpigeon at The Guest Apartment - 02.24.2010

Woodpigeon's Mark Hamilton drops by the Guest Apartment to play a few of his band's songs in bare, simple glory. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_musiclive_music_videos

Kele at The Guest Apartment - 06.17.2010

Kele from Bloc Party showcases a few cuts from The Boxer in an exciting and unlikely ring of performance in this segment of The Guest ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musicKelelive_bandslive_music

Secondhand Serenade at The Guest Apartment - 04.29.2010

Alone with his guitar, hand Serenade's session in the Guest Apartment resonates like little emotional earthquakes under the surface of the ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

Kate Miller Heidke at The Guest Apartment - 07.15.2010

Australian songwriter Kate Miller Heidke investigates a variety of moods and emotions in this curious segment of The Guest Apartment. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musicKate_Miller_Heidkelive_bandslive_music

Fran Healy at The Guest Apartment - 08.09.2010

Travis front man Fran Healy plays melodies new and old in this sundrenched session at the Creative Little Garden in New Yorks East Village. tags: Fran_Healyfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

The Clientele at The Guest Apartment - 10.28.2009

The Clientele's Alasdair Maclean stirs a well timed, hypnotic daze with this delicate, three song performance of songs both new and old in ... tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_concertslive_music

Adam Green at The Guest Apartment - 01.08.2010

A cool and dusty New York Troubadour, Adam Green brings his weird charm and a few songs from his latest album by the Guest Apartment. tags: Adam_Greenfree_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_music

Plants and Animals at The Guest Apartment - 04.15.2010

Plants and Animals turn in a couple acoustic takes from their latest album La La Land, in this easy going session from the Guest Apartment. tags: free_live_concertsfree_live_concert_videosindie_rock_concertsindie_rock_musiclive_bandslive_musiclive_music_videos