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TED Talk: Ken Kamler: Medical miracle on everest

When the worst disaster in the history of Mount Everest climbs occurred, Ken Kamler was the only doctor on the mountain. At TEDMED, he ... tags: EverestfMRIhypothermiamedicalmiraclemountainsnow

TED Talk: Charity Tillemann-Dick: Singing after a double lung transplant

You'll never sing again, said her doctor. But in a story from the very edge of medical possibility, operatic soprano Charity Tillemann-Dick ... tags: healthmedicalmedicinemusicoperasciencetalks

Diana Nyad: Extreme swimming with the world's most dangerous jellyfish

01/24/12 In the 1970s, Diana Nyad set long-distance swim records that are still unbroken. Thirty years later, at 60, she attempted her ... tags: cultureDiana Nyadextremejellyfishsportssuccessswim

Bill Doyle: Treating cancer with electric fields

01/31/12 Surgery, chemotherapy and radiation are the best-known methods for treating cancer. At TEDMED, Bill Doyle presents a new ... tags: Bill DoylecancermedicalresearchtechnologyTEDTED Talk

AJ Jacobs: How healthy living nearly killed me

01/03/12 For a full year, AJ Jacobs followed every piece of health advice he could -- from applying sunscreen by the shotglass to ... tags: ajjacobscultureDirectorentertainmenthealthhumorself

Yoav Medan: Ultrasound surgery -- healing without cuts

12/08/11 Imagine having a surgery with no knives involved. At TEDMED, surgeon Yoav Medan shares a technique that uses MRI to find ... tags: careDirectorhealingHealthMedicalMedicineresearch

Quyen Nguyen: Color-coded surgery

12/13/11 Surgeons are taught from textbooks which conveniently color-code the types of tissues, but that's not what it looks like in ... tags: CancerDirectorMedicineQuyen NguyenSciencesurgeryTechnology

Sheila Nirenberg: A prosthetic eye to treat blindness

12/20/11 At TEDMED, Sheila Nirenberg shows a bold way to create sight in people with certain kinds of blindness by hooking into the ... tags: blindnessbrainDirectoreyeMedicalMedicineprosthetic

Charles Limb: Building the musical muscle

12/01/11 Charles Limb performs cochlear implantation, a surgery that treats hearing loss and can restore the ability to hear speech. But ... tags: Beauty cochlear Director hearing loss implants Medical Music

Eric Topol at TEDMED 2009

Eric Topol talks about digital medical wireless devices and how they will shape the future of medicine. tags: 2009EricTopolPeopleTEDMED