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Warren Buffett Crushes Republicans On Taxes

Billionaire Warren Buffett hit back at mockery from high profile Republicans like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and New Jersey ... tags: buffett irsbuffett shut upchris christietax the richtaxing richwarren buffettwarren buffett check

R's: Rich, Corporations Have Too Much Power - Poll

'...According to a new poll, a majority of low-income Republicans believe that the America's economic system unfairly favors the wealthy ... tags: cenk uygurcorporate personhoodcorporate powerfinancial collapseobama banksobama wall streetpew poll republicans

Chris Rock: I'll Pay Higher Taxes

Actor and comedian Chris Rock is willing to pay higher taxes. Ana Kasparian and Cenk Uygur break it down on The Young Turks. The original ... tags: ana kaspariancenk uygurchris rockchris rock pay taxeschris rock taxchris rock taxesjay z taxes

Governor Dayton Rips MN GOP For Reformless "Gut And Cut"

Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton showed his frustration of working with a Republican legislature that he says has sacrificed 'the spirit' of ... tags: am950amy kochblue state ballkurt zellersmark daytonminnesotamnleg

Tiger's Ex-Wife Buys Then Destroys Mega Mansion

Tiger Wood's ex-wife Elin recently purchased a 12000000 mansion in West Palm Beach Florida then bulldozed it to build a new home in the ... tags: Ana KasparianBulldozeCenk UygurCheatElin WoodsFloridaMansion

This Week: News Panel: The latest on the Occupy movement, the Prop 8 trial, and more

Even as Occupy camps are being torn down, the message of the movement seems to be resonating with policy makers. Gov. Brown, for example, ... tags: belva daviscaliforniagay marriagejudge vaughn walkerkqedkqedondemandnorthern california

Don't Tax Rich to Offset Payroll Tax Cut - Republicans

Republicans in the Senate refuse to allow a small tax increase on millionaires to help offset a cut to the payroll tax - they would rather ... tags: democrats surtax millionaires surtax payroll tax payroll tax social security payroll taxes social security cuts tax millionaires