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How To Store Wine

Want to set up your own wine cellar, to mature wine correctly VideoJug shows you the correct techniques for storing and aging wine, ... tags: storagetastingwine

How To Serve White Wine

Impress your friends by using the correct techniques for white wine service. We show you how to serve white wine at the right temperature, ... tags: tastingwhitewine

Ep 5.04 Craft Beer Tasting and Food Pairing at The Publican

Chef Paul, Beverage Director Mike and Tom Powers realize a high school dream by power-tasting craft beers and exploring food pairings with ... tags: beerchocolatecraftfoodhollandmeantimenew

5 French Phrases to Know When Cheese Tasting

5 French Phrases to Know When Cheese Tasting - part of the languages video series by GeoBeats. Here are five French phrases you need to ... tags: CheesefranceFrenchKnowLanguagesparisPhrases

Moscow Connoisseurs' Club Opens Doors to Wine Lovers

A Moscow-based group of wine-loving expats is working to dispel the myth that the best wines arent available in Russia.Powered by ... tags: expatriateMoscowoenophileRussiatastingvintagewine

How to Properly Taste Wine

Do you know when to swirl and when to sniff a glass of wine Did you know that wine has 'legs' Learn all about wine tasting from ... tags: bouquetdiningfineredtastingwhitewine

How to Tell When Fruit is Ripe

How can you tell if fruit is ripe or not before you buy it Martha Drayton says you need to use all five senses. Powered by ... tags: draytonfruithearinglisteningmarthaproduceripe

Wine Shop Toasts New Beginning

After her popular wine bars fell victim to the recession, entrepreneur Shari Schneider opened a new business, leveraging her expertise in a ... tags: alcoholbarBusinessesSchneiderSharismallTasting

Air Tasting, fausse dégustation de vin leçon 1

Jean Moulard, Champion du Monde 2011 de Air Tasting, vous propose une leon de dgustation... Retrouvez Oenovino sur tags: airdégustationdedegustationhumouroenologietasting

Pub Oenovino : Air Tasting, fausse dégustation de vin leçon 4

Jean Moulard, Champion du monde 2011, de Air Tasting, vous propose une leon particulire de dgustation oenologique. Retrouvez Oenovino sur tags: airdégustationdegustationoenologietastingvin

Air Tasting, fausse dégustation de vin leçon 2

Jean Moulard, champion du monde 2011 de Air Tasting, anime une leon de dgustation de vin.Retrouvez Oenovino sur tags: Airdégustationdedegustationoenologietastingvin