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Cat Pets Himself With the Dog's Paw

Luke, the orange tabby, is apparently not getting enough head rubs from the humans. He decides to use Tally, the beagle mixes paw to pet ...

Cute cats: Black and white kitten tries to wake up tabby

A black and white kitten does everything he can to try and wake up a tiny tabby. Report by Katie Lamborn. Like us on Facebook at and follow ... tags: andAnimalsblackcatscuteJapankittens

A white cat and a tabby cat

IMG_9223A white cat and a tabby cat tags: andcattabbywhite

Uniquely coloured tabby cat goes viral

Venus, the tabby cat, who has a half-black and half-orange face has become an internet sensation. Report by Lillya. Like us on Facebook at ... tags: AndcatcolouredFinallyhalf-blackTabbyunique

Oli the naughty cat in hide and attack mode!

As I walk up the stairs, Oliver the cat is hiding around the corner waiting to attack tags: attackcatCatsfunnylollolcatsnaughty

Cat Loves Vegetables

Our cat Nahla loves her vegetables She likes cauliflower and broccoli the best tags: catCatscuteeatingfoodhappykitty

Gracie & MIllie June 14, 2010

This was taken shortly after we adopted Millie, who was only a few months old. Gracie was about four years old and she had been with us for ... tags: catCatsfelinekittenkittenskittieskitty

Kitty sucking on Teddy Bear

This is my 2 yr old cat. he really enjoys doing this all the time before we go to bed. tags: animalbearcatCatskittenstufftabby

Cat jumps and does back flips 1

Silver Belle american shorthair silver tabby cat is jumping doing backflips. She has been training since she was 3 months old. This is part ... tags: americancatCatsflipbacksjumpsshorthairsilver

Two kittens and a litter box ACTION

Santis brown tabby long hair and Kisin shaded silver tabby angora are fun friends, they love to play and I love filming them. Due to ... tags: angoracatcatsfunnygreyplayshaded