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MCDONALD?S DIET: Man Loses Weight On a 90-Day Fast Food Eating Plan

A high school science teacher from Iowa went on a 90-day McDonalds diet and lost weight He wanted to prove that following a 2,000 calorie ... tags: alyssa_caverleydietexperimenthigh_schoolmcdonald’snewsbreakernutrition

Morgan Spurlock Takes Photos With Fans At Oscar Pre Party

Morgan Spurlock Takes Photos With Fans At Oscar Pre Party2-21-09 tags: 30daysHyattMeMorganOscarsparty

Update Phoenix Arizona Supersize Dust Storms Could Become Southwest Norm

The massive dust storm that engulfed Phoenix last week was unusual for the 20th century, but could become more common in the 21st.The ... tags: Arizona Become bowl caps change changes christian

Convoy to Hell

The Ice Road Truckers form a convoy for the first time ever to take on a most dangerous mission as rising temps turn the ice road to ... tags: Americaamerican_originalcanadacargocarsconvoyConvoy_to_Hell

my hump

- watch MORE free movies on to fatboygetdown tags:übergewichtbeefblackbooty

Chris Martin: the Artie Lange Driving School

'October 8 was National Depression Screening Day. I wanted to participate but I was too depressed.' Chris Martin does stand-up comedy at ... tags: 7-11balloonbloggerbobboycapitalism:chris

Raw For Life clip with Morgan Spurlock and Woody Harrelson

Woody Harrelson and Morgan Spurlock 'Supersize Me' are interviewed in RAW FOR LIFE, which is an A-to-Z encyclopedia of Raw Food, perfect ... tags: BeckwithCousensfoodGabrielHarrelsonHowtoMichael

First McDonalds Commercial - Creeepy!

Think this is coolCheck out first McDonalds TV Commercial. I wouldn't let my kids anywhere NEAR that creepy clown thing tags: clownComedyCommecialcrazyCreeepycreepyfast

Super Size Me opening

Super Size Me Opening made out of 120 trans fat, saturated fat and all the other fats you can think of. tags: fatopeningPeopleSizeSupersupersizeupsize