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Is Boehner open to tax increases?

Speaker John Boehner R-Ohio said on Thursday the bipartisan supercommittee is having a hard time reaching a consensus to reduce the ...

Can supercommittee still "go big" on debt deal?

With time running out for the supercommittee to find 1.2 trillion dollars in savings over the next decade, CBS News Congressional ...

Toomey: It's still possible to reach an agreement

Sen. Pat Toomey talks with Bob Schieffer about the deficit and what may be the problem in Washington preventing democrats and republicans ...

Obama would blame GOP if supercommittee fails

CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante reports on the role of the White House in the congressional supercommittee ...

Super failure: Who does Obama blame?

President Obama on Monday linked the failure of the supercommittee to Republicans in Congress who 'refuse to listen to the voices of reason ...

Obama threatens veto

After the supercommittee failed to reach a deal to reduce the deficit, President Obama on Monday said he'll block attempts already in the ...

Kerry says Dems' consciences "clear"

After last negotiations were abandoned by the 'supercommittee,' Sen. John Kerry D-Mass. told CBS News' Nancy Cordes, Democrats' consciences ...

Gingrich applauds supercommittee breakdown

On a campaign stop in New Hampshire Monday, former speaker of the House Newt Gingrich called the collapse of the supercommittee on economic ...

American Express CEO to Congress: Face reality

Scott Pelley speaks with American Express CEO Ken Chenault about the failure of the Congressional supercommittee and Washington's problems ...

Pols point fingers in budget deal failure

As soon as the congressional 'supercommittee' negotiations collapsed, politicians began the blame game. Bill Plante speaks to Jeff Glor ...

Supercommittee fails on debt deal, Obama speaks out

President Obama on Monday said there's no 'imminent threat to us defaulting on the debt that we owe,' and more than one trillion dollars in ...

Budget-cutting talks collapse in Congress

The congressional 'supercommittee' has failed to come to a bipartisan decision to reduce the country's deficit by 1.2 trillion over 10 ...