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Annie Lennox joins New Year Honours list

Pop star Annie Lennox has said she is'genuinely honoured' to receive an OBE for her work fighting Aids and poverty in Africa despite being ... tags: AnnieCBEDavidGraemeknightLennoxMcDowell

Take 2 on Life: Ice box ready for Cryonics believers in Russia

It may be the stuff of many a horror movie, but returning from the dead is also the hope of a few very rich people. A clinic in Russia ... tags: afterBivenscryonicsdeathdemolitionlifeman

Sons of Iraq on sale? Al-Qaida bribes as US prepares to leave

In Iraq, two U.S. backed militia leaders have said Al-Qaeda is trying to bribe them to return to the terrorist group. It is feared the ... tags: AmericanIraqObamaofRorySonsstrategy

Faith Cure: Christ reborn in post-Soviet Russia

January 7 is when Orthodox Christians are celebrating Christmas Day in Russia. The holy day is marked with lavish church ceremonies and ... tags: ChristmasEkaterinaFirthGrachevaRoryRussianSara

HIV patients ration meds in Ukraine as govt bungles drug purchases

Hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian people living with HIV are fighting for their lives, as the government stands accused of delaying the ... tags: AIDSAlekseychildrenHIVRorySuchetUkraine

Tariq Ali: Whenever West intervenes, it's a disaster

In the past few hours, the U.S. confirmed it's imposing sanctions on Syria's president for human rights abuses, following the violent ... tags: AliBasharhistorianinterviewLibyaRorysanctions

'Just a matter of time': Russian gas & Chinese hunger

China may be the world's emerging powerhouse, but it's leader still sees the global recovery as 'slow and fragile' and more reform's ... tags: Chinadiversifyenergygasmarketoilresources

'Nobody captaining Washington ship'

And on the other side of the Atlantic, President Obama has warned the U.S. is quickly running out of time to deal with its own financial ... tags: CanadacurrencydebtdollarEuroprintRory

Mad Vilnius mayor on APC crushes car for illegal parking

Follow us on and Heavy traffic and chaotic parking is a daily headache in just about every major city of the world. People unable to find a ... tags: ArturasLithuaniapresenterRorySuchettanktanku

'Russia won't buy bogus NATO Syria line'

Russia and China have vetoed the UN resolution on Syria, urging political dialogue instead of proposed tough sanctions on Bashar al-Assad's ... tags: CouncilLibyaNATOresolutionRorySecuritySuchet

Iran Bomb Scare: 'Murder plot bizarre comedy show'

Washington says the thwarted plot to kill the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. will further isolate Iran, with the allegations expected to ... tags: bombChichakyanGayaneIranmurderneoconnuclear