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Sts-134 Videos by Popular

[STS-134] ISS Flyaround in HD (p2)

A High Definition video of the flyaround Space Shuttle Endeavour performed as she left the International Space Station today at 0355 ... tags: 134endeavourflyaroundissshuttlespacests

[STS-134] Flight Day 5 Crew Choice Highlights (EVA-1)

The STS-134 Crew downlinked these highlights from Flight Day 5, They show prep work for EVA 1, EVA 1 from inside the ISS as well as other ... tags: 134dayendeavourfiveflightshuttlespace

[STS-134] Post Launch News Conference

The STS-134 Post Launch News Conference with Bill Gerstenmaier, Michel Tognini, Mike Moses and Mike Leinbach. tags: 134endeavourlaunchnewspostshuttlespace

[STS-134] Crew Egress from Shuttle Endeavour

The STS-134 Crew Egress from Shuttle Endeavour after successfully landing at Kennedy Space Center, Bringing the 17 day mission to an end. tags: 134endeavourlandlandedlandsshuttlespace

[STS-134] EVA 1 (Spacewalk) Details with CGI Graphics

Spacewalk EVA 1 in high detail along with CGI graphics to show what the crew of STS-134 will do on their mission to the International Space ... tags: 720pDetailsevaEVA1spacespacewalksts

[STS-134] External Tank Launch Replay

Space Shuttle Endeavour successfully launched for her final time on schedule at 856 Local, 1256 UTC from Kennedy Space Center Launch Pad ... tags: 134720pExternallaunchlaunchedReplaysts

[STS-134] Crew Arrive for Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test at Kennedy Space Center

The STS-134 Crew arrived at Kennedy Space Center today around 5pm Local time to begin their Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test.The TCDT ... tags: 134astronautastronautscountdowncrewstssts-134

[STS-134] Crew Arrive For Launch Attempt 2

Space shuttle Endeavour's crew arrived at NASA Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility at approximately 9 a.m. EDT. The six STS-134 ... tags: 134arrivalarrivecentercrewkennedyspace

[STS-134] Rotating Service Structure Retracted for Launch Attempt 2

The Rotating Service Structure RSS protecting Space Shuttle Endeavour was retracted early this morning at 1144 Local, 1544 UTC.Launch is ... tags: 134padpad39rotatingrssservicestructure

[STS-134] Shuttle Endeavour Docks to ISS For Final Time

Space Shuttle Endeavour docked to the International Space Station for the final time today at 1014 UTC, The docking ring then slowly ... tags: 134dockdocksendeavourshuttlespacests

[STS-134] Launch View From Inside Endeavour

A view during launch from Window 4 inside Shuttle Endeavour as she launches to orbit for STS-134.Added sound track from NASA TV Launch ... tags: 134endeavourinsidelaunchshuttlespacests

[STS-134] Flight Day 11 Highlights (p2)

Highlights from STS-134's Flight Day 11.Part One In Flight Interviews tags: 134dayelevenendeavourflightshuttlespace