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[STS-134] ISS Flyaround in HD (p2)

A High Definition video of the flyaround Space Shuttle Endeavour performed as she left the International Space Station today at 0355 ... tags: 134endeavourflyaroundissshuttlespacests

[STS-133] Discovery Undocking (Real Time)

Real time clip at 1x speed of STS-133 Space Shuttle Discovery undocking from the International Space Station. tags: 133dockstssts-133sts133un-dockun-docking

[STS-133] Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test

The STS-133 crew take part in the usual Terminal Countdown Demonstration Test TCDT. This includes payload bay walkout, armored carrier ... tags: 133720pcountdowndemonstrationstssts-133STS133

[STS-135] Hatch Opening Between Atlantis & ISS

The Hatches were opened between Atlantis and the International Space Station today at 1647 UTC, The crew will spend today familiarising ... tags: 135atlantisdockfinalmissionshuttlespace

[STS-135] TCDT - Crew Ingress for Countdown Rehearsal

The STS-135 crew enter the white room at pad 39-A to be ingressed to Shuttle Atlantis, All of this is part of the countdown rehearsal that ... tags: 135atlantiscountdownshuttlespacestssts-135

[STS-135] Landing of Space Shuttle Atlantis, The Space Shuttle Program Over

Space Shuttle Atlantis touched down on time today at 0956 UTC at the Kennedy Space Center for the final time in her career and in the ... tags: 135atlantislandlandinglandsshuttlespace

[STS-134] Flight Day 5 Crew Choice Highlights (EVA-1)

The STS-134 Crew downlinked these highlights from Flight Day 5, They show prep work for EVA 1, EVA 1 from inside the ISS as well as other ... tags: 134dayendeavourfiveflightshuttlespace

[STS-135] External Tank Scanned and Engine Valve Work

On June 20, technicians continued taking Computed Radiography CR X-ray scans of 50 support beams, called stringers, on space shuttle ... tags: 135atlantisexternalscanshuttlespacests

[STS-135] Training - ISS Emergency Scenarios

The STS-135 crew train with Expedition 28 crew members on emergency scenarios that could happen aboard the International Space Station. tags: 135atlantisfinalmissionshuttlespacests

[STS-134] Post Launch News Conference

The STS-134 Post Launch News Conference with Bill Gerstenmaier, Michel Tognini, Mike Moses and Mike Leinbach. tags: 134endeavourlaunchnewspostshuttlespace

[STS-134] Crew Egress from Shuttle Endeavour

The STS-134 Crew Egress from Shuttle Endeavour after successfully landing at Kennedy Space Center, Bringing the 17 day mission to an end. tags: 134endeavourlandlandedlandsshuttlespace