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Female Writers Criticize Woman for '300 Sandwiches' Article

New York Post reporter Stephanie Smith revealed she is making 300 sandwiches for her boyfriend in exchange for an engagement ring.

Cheddar Pulls a Gun

8 Mile 2002 - Cheddar Pulls a Gun - When Cheddar Evan Jones tries to help B-Rabbit Eminem win a fight by pulling a gun, he accidentally ... tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit Battles Lyckety-Splyt

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit Battles Lyckety-Splyt - B-Rabbit Eminem battles Lyckety-Splyt Strike and shows him what he can really do. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Wink's Big Deal

8 Mile 2002 - Wink's Big Deal - Wink Eugene Byrd tells B-Rabbit Eminem all about how he8217s going to make him a rap star. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit Battles Papa Doc

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc - B-Rabbit Eminem battles Papa Doc Anthony Mackie and blows him out of the water. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

The Lunch Truck

8 Mile 2002 - The Lunch Truck - On his lunch break, Rabbit Eminem takes a rapping co-worker down a notch. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit is Betrayed

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit is Betrayed - Rabbit Eminem catches Wink Eugene Byrd having sex with Alex Brittany Murphy and gives him a beating. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

We're Being Evicted

8 Mile 2002 - We're Being Evicted - Rabbit8217s mom Kim Basinger tells him that they8217re getting evicted he has a rough time at his ... tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Greg's Outta Here

8 Mile 2002 - Greg's Outta Here - Greg Michael Shannon freaks out over the eviction notice and Rabbit Eminem beats him up. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit Battles Lil' Tic

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit Battles Lil' Tic - B-Rabbit Eminem gets in his first rap battle, and chokes big time. He gets booed off the stage. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

8 Mile - Trailer #1

8 Mile 2002 - Trailer 1 - A young rapper Eminem struggles to seize an opportunity within his bleak life but his problems threaten to weigh ... tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter