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Video: Paulson Made More Than $1 Billion on Citigroup Stake

Jan. 24 Bloomberg -- Paulson Co., the 35.9 billion hedge fund run by John Paulson, told clients that it made more than 1 billion on its ... tags: Acquisitions,MutualActions,CorporateBusinessCity,NewCorporatecstickersEvents,Corporate

Video: Hayward May Join Glencore Board Before Listing

Jan. 24 Bloomberg -- BP Plcs former Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward may join Glencore International AGs board as the company recruits ... tags: BusinesscstickersKingdom,UnitedMarketMediaMultimedia,Europe,FeaturedNews

Video: Terry Says Schmidt Key for Google's Regulatory Issues

Jan. 24 Bloomberg -- Heath Terry, an analyst at Canaccord Genuity, talks about Google Inc.'s management changes and regulatory issues. ... tags: BusinesscstickersExperts,News,RulesGovernment,UnitedMediaMultimedia,GovernmentNews

Video: Klein Says GE to Be `Great Company' With More Focus

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Peter Klein, senior portfolio manager at Cleveland-based Fifth Third Asset Management, talks about the appointment of ... tags: BusinessColumbia,Earnings,EnglishcstickersGovernment,UnitedHouse,TopMediaMultimedia,Government

Video: Bianco Says Board Shake-Up Will Change Way HP Operates

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Anthony Bianco, author of 'The Big Lie Spying, Scandal, and Ethical Collapse at Hewlett Packard,' and Esther Dyson, a ... tags: BusinessChanges,MediacstickersEquipment,SocialMarketMediaNetworking,Stock

Video: Mahaney Sees No `Dramatic Change' in Strategy at Google

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Mark Mahaney, director of Internet Research at Citigroup Inc., discusses the outlook for Google Inc. with Larry Page ... tags: BusinessChanges,California,CompanyChanges,Media,MediacstickersExperts,News,SocialMediaNetworking,Syndicated

Video: Steven Rattner Says `Jury Is Out' Over Google CEO Change

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Steven Rattner, former head of the U.S. government's Automotive Task Force and author of 'Overhaul,' discusses the ... tags: BusinessChanges,MediaCommunicationscstickersExperts,News,SyndicatedMediaNews

Video: Waddell Says Immelt Marks Obama Panel's Shift to Growth

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Frederick Waddell, chief executive officer of Northern Trust Corp., talks about U.S. President Barack Obama's decision ... tags: BusinesscstickersEconomy,UnitedHouse,U.S.Interviews,China,CompanyMediaMultimedia,Financial

Video: Bewkes Stands for Paid Content Amid Cheap Web Video

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Time Warner Inc. Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey L. Bewkes is attempting to control Web-enabled device programing for ... tags: BusinessBUSW,FeaturedCinema,MutualCity,News,Publishing,SatelliteCommunications,StockCompensation,Featuredcstickers

Video: Richard Fetyko Expects Google's Shares to Reach $700:

Jan. 20 Bloomberg-- Richard Fetyko, an analyst at Merriman Curhan Ford Co. in New York, talks about Google's Android operating system and ... tags: cstickersMediaMultimedia,Internet,MediaNewsPeopleServices,ComputerSoftware,English

Video: Themis's Saluzzi `Skeptical' About Google's CEO Change

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Joseph Saluzzi, co-head of equity trading at Themis Trading LLC, talks about Google Inc.'s fourth-quarter profit and ... tags: Advisers,Media,MediaBusinessChanges,California,CompanycstickersEstimates,EnglishExperts,News,SyndicatedMedia

Video: Achramowicz Calls Google Executive Shakeup `Good Change'

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Joel Achramowicz, an analyst at Blaylock Robert Van LLC, talks about executive changes announced today at Google Inc. ... tags: cstickersExperts,News,SyndicatedMediaNewsNews,ComputerPeopleServices,Company