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Gaither Vocal Band - The Star-Spangled Banner Acapella

This is how the U.S. National Anthem should always be sung. Watch more videos here Facebook page

Star Spangled Banner A Cappella - One Man Choir Julien Neel - USA National Anthem

SHARE ON FACEBOOK DOWNLOAD and support my work ORDER A CAPPELLA LEARNING TRACKS julien.neel at FACEBOOK TWITTER tags: AnthembannercappellanationalspangledstarStar-Spangled

Md. Historical Society recreates Star-Spangled-Banner Flag

The Maryland Historical Society is embarking on a special Independence Day project to recreate the original Star-Spangled-Banner Flag. tags: 1812BannerFlagFourthofsewingStarSpangled

Lady Gaga Singing the National Anthem @ the NYC Pride Rally 2013

The celebrations since the recent rulings that tore down DOMA and Prop 8 continue. Over the weekend, the NYC Gay Pride Rally was held at ... tags: anthemBannerGagagayHomosexualitéLadypride

He smashes his cymbals during a concert and..: watch his reaction ...

A cymbal player who plays the American national anthem Star Spangled Banner in the musical school band, unfortunately will break his ... tags: amazingAmériqueBannerBreakCymbaleOrchestrePhilharmonia

Il défonce ses cymbales en plein concert et matez sa réaction...

Un jeune joueur de cymbale va casser son instru, et, prit de cours va improviser direct, en bon amricain Salut en mode arme ahh ces ... tags: AmériqueBannerCymbaledujeunemusiqueNord

Whitney Houston Biography: Life and Career of the Singer and Actress

\n \n In this video, we take a look at the life and career of American singer and actress Whitney Houston. / 5 19203 views ... tags: ActressesAlways_LoveAretha_FranklinBannerBobby_BrownBpopCocaine