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Possible Bigfoot Knocks and Sounds

This was recorded in Oregon on or about Friday Dec. 13th by Robert Morehead. I was contact to enhance the audio in an effort to hear the ... tags: audioBigfootsasquatchsquatchyeti

Letcher County Bigfoot Witness Interview

The Crypto Crew Interview Series - Interview with Jonathan Isom 12/4/13 Letcher county, KY bigfoot sightings. This is an interview I ... tags: bigfootcryptozoologyCrypto_CrewinterviewKentuckysasquatchsquatch

Bigfoot Witness Interview and Area Investigation

Bigfoot Sighting Witness Interview and Area Investigation. Sighting took place on 9/28/13 very close to my home. I will continue to check ... tags: bigfootCryptozoologyinterviewKentuckysasquatchsquatchThe_Crypto_Crew

Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting

PBS Summary Report on Alleged Pennsylvania Bigfoot Shooting Case 5-16-2013 Primary Investigators Stan Gordon-- Independent Bigfoot and UFO ... tags: Bigfootdead_bigfootPennsylvaniapolicePorsche_911_GT3repostsasquatch

Family Fun while out Bigfooting - I do Think theres a Tarzan in these woods

While Bobby Corinna are out doing a little bigfoot hunting they have some fun with the kids. I do believe there is a Tarzan in these ... tags: Bigfootbobby_longcorinna_longcrypto_crewfunMoneymakerSasquatch

1957 Radio Interview with Rene Dahinden

Rene Dahinden and his wife interviewed by Nyra Groves on March 21, 1957. This interview sounds really scripted but still interesting from a ... tags: BigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewFinding_BigfootRené_DahindensasquatchSquatch

Dax gets Reply to Tree Knock

TCC's Dax Rushlow gets a possible reply to his tree knock. I have enhanced the audio. Thanks tags: bigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewDax_RushlowsasquatchSquatchtree_knock

Bigfoot In Tent Video Is Dead!

This is a video made about our breaking news about the possible killing of a bigfoot in Texas. The Tent video is the footage this is in ... tags: bigfootdeadfilmreal_or_hoaxRick_Dyersasquatchshooting_bigfoot

Texas Man Says He Shot Two Bigfoots!

This is from the old Art Bell show - A man claims to have killed 2 bigfoots and hide the bodies. Thanks tags: Art_BellbigfootCryptozoologycrypto_crewsasquatchShooting_BigfootSquatch

Campers film Yeti - breakdown

I done a little slowing and zooming on the yeti video...some interesting things in it. There have been reports of bf/yeti hiding and ... tags: BFRObigfootcrypto_crewFinding_BigfootPolandsasquatchsquatch

Yellowtop bigfoot breakdown

Ol' yellow top bigfoot, real or fake - some say it was for a movie and others think it could be real. Thanks tags: BigfootReal_or_FakesasquatchSquatchYellowtopYetiyowie

Research trip in woods

This video is from a couple years ago. I took a trip out in the woods and found a snake in the dead of winter. Thanks tags: bigfootChristmasresearchsasquatchsquatchwoodsYeti