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Spain's 'Indignants' march on to Brussels

Young protesters in Spain have decided to continue their campaign against the government and political leaders by marching from the Spanish ... tags: BrusselsDemonstrationeuronewsIndignantsmarchSpainSpains

Spain's indignados battle on as police tire

Police in Spain have clashed with so-called indignados demonstrators, protesting over the closure of Madrid's main square. Amateur footage ... tags: battleDemonstrationeuronewsindignadospoliceSpainSpains

Spain's Indignants march again after clashes

Spain's 'Indignant' protesters took to the streets again on Friday, one day after clashes with police in which 20 people were injured. ... tags: afteragainclashesDemonstrationeuronewsIndignantsmarch

Spain's Basque region set for new era after ETA

Spain's Basque region is set for a new era after separatist group ETA announced the end of its 43-year violent campaign. Regional leader ... tags: afterBasqueeraETAeuronewsfornew

Spain's jobless rate hits highest for 15 years

Spain's unemployment rate has hit its highest level for fifteen years, according to government figures published on Friday. Joblessness ... tags: euronewsEurozoneforhighesthitsjoblessrate

Spain's anxious elections

Campaigning for the upcoming elections in Spain is defined by economic conditions and unemployment. It has close to five million people out ... tags: anxiousElectionseuronewsSpainSpains

Spain's budget-splitting welfare

Social welfare is the biggest concern of the Spaniards. The worry likely to be the most decisive in the elections is unemployment. Nearly ... tags: budget-splittingElectionseuronewsSpainSpainswelfare

Spain's centre-right looks set for big election win

He is not celebrating just yet. But as campaigning draws to a close ahead of Sunday's election, Mariano Rajoy looks all but certain to ... tags: bigcentre-rightElectionseuronewsforlooksset

Spain's election: 'A walk in the park' for Mariano Rajoy

The two frontrunners in Spain's election have been walking around Madrid's parks on the day before voting. Striding to victory, Mariano ... tags: election:ElectionseuronewsforMarianoparkRajoy

Rajoy and conservatives thrash Spain's socialists

In Madrid, Mariano Rajoy has led his PP party, the centre right conservatives, to their greatest victory in a Spanish election after over ... tags: andconservativesElectionseuronewsRajoysocialistsSpain

Spain's conservatives win an absolute majority

The Congress of deputies or lower house has 350 seats and Mario Rajoy's centre right won 186 seats a landslide majority to take control. ... tags: absoluteconservativesElectionseuronewsmajoritySpainSpains