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Spains Videos - 5 by Popular

Fires rage on Spain's Costa del Sol

Thousands of people have been trying to escape from a huge wildfire in southern Spain.The blaze broke out near the port city of Malaga late ... tags: CostadeleuronewsFiresrageSolSpain

Bailout call delay pushes up Spain's borrowing costs

The amount of interest that the Spanish government is having to offer to borrow money in the short term is again creeping up. That is ... tags: BailoutborrowingcallcostsCrisisdelayeuronews

Spain's job situation worsens

Spain's jobless rate rose yet again in September as the services sector laid off more workers at the end of the summer tourist season. The ... tags: CrisiseconomyeuronewsjobsituationSpainSpains

Spain's Bankia: One last bailout

The head of the troubled Spanish bank, Bankia, has insisted that if the lender receives the 19 billion euros it asked for on Friday, it ... tags: bailoutBankia:BankingeuronewslastOneSpain

Spain's 'indignados' set for 1st anniversary protests

Spain's 'indignados', the anti-austerity protest movement that inspired the global 'Occupy' movement, are gearing up for four days of ... tags: 1stanniversaryDemonstrationeuronewsforindignadosprotests

Spain's bank bailout plans boost borrowing costs

Spain's shaky banks, the country's indebted regional governments and Madrid's plans for helping them have pushed up its borrowing costs to ... tags: bailoutbankBankingboostborrowingcostseuronews

Spain's 'indignados' accuse Bankia of unfair repossessions

A small number of Spain's 'indignados' protesters demonstrated outside the Madrid headquarters of the country's fourth largest bank, ... tags: accuseBankiaDemonstrationeuronewsindignadosrepossessionsSpain

Spain's 10 year borrowing costs hover around 7 per cent

Spain's 10 year borrowing costs hover around 7 per cent tags: aroundborrowingcentETcostshoverindiaNOW

EU ready to ease Spain's deficit pain

Spain could get an extra year until 2014 to cut its debts, the European Commission has said. The potential lifeline came as Spanish ... tags: CommissiondeficiteaseEUeuronewseuropaEurope

Italy suffers from Spain's debt problems

The Italian government has found itself paying a higher price to borrow because of the debt problems of Spain and the threat of Greece ... tags: CrisisdebteconomyeuronewsfromItalyproblems

Rajoy warns on Spain's borrowing costs

Greece's political stalemate is already splashing over onto Spain.On Wednesday, the Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy said Madrid if ... tags: borrowingcostseconomyeuronewsEurozoneRajoySpain