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Video: Facebook CEO Should Not Bow to China, Teacher Says

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Facebook Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg shouldnt bow to Chinese censors to win access to the worlds ... tags: BusinessChina,China,CommercialcstickersEquipment,TelecomIndiaKong,Media,MediaMarkets,English

Video: Buyer Says `Very Little' to Change in Google Reshuffle

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Lise Buyer, principal of Class V Group, and a consultant who helped take Google Inc. public, talks about management ... tags: America,StockBusinessComputerComputers,Internet,InternetcstickersEstimates,Electronics,EnglishExperts,News,North

Video: Battelle Says Google Management Had Strong Disagreements

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- John Battelle, founder and chief executive officer of Federated Media Publishing, talks about management changes at ... tags: Acquisitions,Multimedia-ExecAmerica,StockBusinessChina,China,CommercialComputerComputers,Internet,Internetcstickers

Video: Achramowicz Calls Google Executive Shakeup `Good Change'

Jan. 20 Bloomberg -- Joel Achramowicz, an analyst at Blaylock Robert Van LLC, talks about executive changes announced today at Google Inc. ... tags: cstickersExperts,News,SyndicatedMediaNewsNews,ComputerPeopleServices,Company

Video: Ravin Says Lawsuit Shouldn't Hurt Rimini Street IPO Plan

Jan. 11 Bloomberg -- Seth Ravin, president and chief executive officer of software-support provider Rimini Street Inc., discusses his ... tags: Affairs,BusinesscstickersFinance,EnglishInterview,News,PossibleInterviews,CommercialIPOs,Syndicated

Video: Bjork Says Qlik's Software Offers `Competitive Edge'

Jan. 6 Bloomberg -- Lars Bjork, chief executive officer of Qlik Technologies Inc., talks about his company's business-intelligence software ... tags: BusinesscstickersInterviews,CommercialMediaMultimedia,Interviews,MediaNews,ComputerServices,Company

Video: Terremark's Medina Sees Fast Growth for Cloud Computing

Jan. 5 Bloomberg -- Manuel Medina, chief executive officer of Terremark Worldwide Inc., talks about the company's information-technology ... tags: BusinesscstickersInterview,News,SyndicatedInterviews,CommercialMediaNetworking,Computers,EnglishNews,Computer

Video: PRGX's Bahl Sees Opportunity Under Health-Care Overhaul

Jan. 3 Bloomberg -- Romil Bahl, chief executive officer of PRGX Global Inc., talks about the company's recovery-audit services and the ... tags: Agencies,GovernmentBusinessCapCareCare,HealthcstickersHealth

Video: Barton Says His Gyms Have Opportunity to Grow in U.S.

Dec. 23 Bloomberg -- David Barton, founder of DavidBartonGym, talks about the impact of the U.S. economy on his company's growth strategy. ... tags: BusinessCare,Interviews,MediacstickersGoods,SyndicatedInterview,NewInterviews,CommercialMedia