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Classic Game Room - Inhabitants review for Sega Dreamcast

Inhabitants review. Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs gear Indie Dreamcast release that plays a bit like Columns meets Bejeweled Clear out ... tags: Bejeweledclassic_game_roomColumnsfootagegamingIndie_DreamcastInhabitants

Classic Game Room - AIRFORCE DELTA review for Sega Dreamcast

Airforce Delta review. Shop CGR shirts, hats, mugs gear Classic Game Room reviews AIRFORCE DELTA from Konami released in 1999 for Sega ... tags: 1999Airforce_Deltaarcade-styleClassic_Game_RoomflightjetsKonami

Classic Game Room - STURMWIND review for Sega Dreamcast

Sturmwind review. Shop CGR shirts mugs Classic Game Room reviews STURMWIND for Sega Dreamcast from Duranik and RedSpot Games, a side ...

Uncharted 3 Wows Fallon - IGN Daily Fix: 12.14.2010

Uncharted 3 wows Fallon, Dead Space Aftermath debuts, and Dreamcast lives...sort of. tags: 3UnchartedDailyDead_Space:_AftermathFallonFixIGNIGN_Daily_Fix

Tales from the Console Graveyard: Sega Dreamcast

Remember the Sega Dreamcast We do, too. Released in 1999, the Dreamcast was the first 128-bit console in the world and featured network ... tags: 128_bitAttack_of_the_ShowcolorsDreamcastgamesGaminggraphics

DVD Verdict 528 - Blast Processing! Flannel Fantasy

Steve and Adam join Erich for an RPG-heavy first segment. Adam talks Dragon Warrior V or should that be Dragon Quest V, Steve splits his ... tags: blastgamecubegamersnintendo_wiips2ps3sega_dreamcast

DVD Verdict 524 - Blast Processing! A Bit of a Tease

Erich, Tim, and Dave roll up the red carpet with a round of 'Oscar Best Picture nominee video game tie-ins' -- a bad idea that gets ... tags: blastgamecubegamersnintendo_wiips2ps3sega_dreamcast

DVD Verdict 520 - Blast Processing! Direct-to-DVD Sequel

Erich, Steve, and Jon are knee-deep in recent releases this week. Heavy Rain gets a torrential downpour of love from Steve, as does ... tags: blastgamecubegamersnintendo_wiips2ps3sega_dreamcast

DVD Verdict 516 - Blast Processing! The Efficient Gamer

Dave, Tim, and Erich run through the games they've been playing--including Modern Warfare 2, Mass Effect, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, 'Splosion ... tags: blastgamecubegamersnintendo_wiips2ps3sega_dreamcast

DVD Verdict 512 - Blast Processing! Salt Fish and Whiskey

Adam, Steve, and Erich spice up our big 50th episode with a little role playing. Mass Effect, Dragon Age Origins, Oblivion, and White ... tags: blastgamecubegamersnintendo_wiips2ps3sega_dreamcast

DVD Verdict 508 - Blast Processing! Flashback

With Erich out sick this week, we've fired up the Way-back Machine for October 11, 2008 and the very first episode of Blast Processing, ... tags: blastgamecubegamersnintendo_wiips2ps3sega_dreamcast