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'Kick-Ass 2' Will Happen, But Is It Worth It?

Comic book writer Mark Millar has once again made himself look like a prat while promoting himself and his work in public. Millar, the ... tags: Celebrities_and_Controversyjohnny_deppKick-Asskick-ass_2mark_millarMatthew_VaughnRumorMonger

Clooney to Direct 'Farragut North' with Hoffman, Giamatti and More

What will George do next With his latest movie, The American, hitting theaters today read Todd Gilchrist's review, and his follow-up, ... tags: chris_pineDramafarragut_northgeorge_clooneyIndependentNewsstandpaul_giamatti

Watch This: Juliette Binoche Says Gérard Depardieu Might Be Jealous of Her

A few days ago, we shared a story about Geacuterard Depardieu calling Juliette Binoche 'nothing' in an Austrian magazine article. It was a ... tags: Celebrities_and_Controversycertified_copyForeign_LanguageGérard_Depardieugerard_depardieuJuliette_BinocheRumorMonger

Brad Pitt Casting Rumors: Red Dead Redemption and Bob Dylan's 'Brownsville Girl'

One of the hottest new videogames to emerge this year is Rockstar's Red Dead Redemption -- an open-world mission-based title that plays ... tags: bob_dylanbrad_pittbrownsville_girlGames_and_Game_MoviesHome_Entertainmentjay_cocksNew_Releases

New 'Fantastic Four' Casting Rumors Include Adrien Brody

Ready for the next superhero movie to begin casting You know it's going to be another obnoxious process of rumors and shortlists, but isn't ... tags: 20th_Century_Foxadrien_brodyalice_eveamber_heardant-manCastingComic_Superhero_Geek

Screenwriter Randall Wallace Sheds Light on Fincher's '20,000 Leagues'

Just when I thought I couldn't be any less excited about David Fincher devoting a year of his life - at the height of his creative powers - ... tags: 000LeaguesUnderTheSeabraveheartdavid_fincherRandall_WallaceRumorMongerStar_Wars

Shocking! A Terrence Malick Film Isn't Done Yet

Todd McCarthy - former Variety critic and now the newest member of the New York Film Festival selection committee - recently posted a ... tags: brad_pittNYFFRumorMongerterrence_malicktree_of_life

Robin Wright to Join Daniel Craig in Fincher's 'Dragon Tattoo?'

08/06/10 reports that Robn Wright Penn is in talks to star in David Fincher's impending adaptation of the late Stieg Larsson's ... tags: Daniel_CraigDavid_Fincherdragongirlrobin_wright_pennRumorMongertattoo

First Batman, Now Russell Brand Resurrects BTTF DeLorean for 'Arthur' Remake

We're all tired of boring remakes, so maybe the folks behind the new Arthur have come up with some bright ideas to refresh the character of ... tags: arthurarthur_remakebackComedydeloreanFandomfuture

Does Jack Ryan Have a 'Lost' Director?

Has a reboot of a reboot finally landed a director Chris Pine has been slotted to play CIA analyst turned action hero Jack Ryan for many ... tags: Actionalec_baldwinben_affleckchris_pineDealsharrison_fordj.j._abrams

SDCC: Warner Bros. Planning 'Wonder Woman' Surprise?

Break out your bustiers and grab your lasso, because it looks like the Wonder Woman movie may be happening after all.After more than five ... tags: ComicConComic_Superhero_Geekdavid_goyerNew_ReleasesRumorMongerrumorsrumor_monger

Release Date Shuffle: Jigsaw's Last Up Against Wes Craven's Latest

After watching the newly released teaser trailer for Saw 3D, the seventh and reportedly final installment in the series, a friend commented ... tags: DistributionHorrorkevin_greutertLionsgate_FilmsMystery_SuspenseParamountparanormal_activity