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Cirque du Soleil at 30, Filipino carer storms Israel X-Factor and fashion takes to the War Rooms

At 47, Rose Fostanes has taken X-Factor Israel by storm with her booming voice and stage presence. The Filipino is now a national ... tags: andCircusCirqueCultureFashionFilipinoIsrael

Arts.21 | No Bauhaus – A Tour of German Homes

Many would undoubtedly find it very attractive to live amidst expensive and sleek designer Bauhaus furniture - setting into a Wassily ... tags: ArtArtsCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVFine

Global 3000 | Global Living Rooms - The Charda Family

This week the Charda family from Athens,Greece,shows us around their home. They live in a relatively new house with a balcony and thats ... tags: 3000AthensCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEconomics

Global 3000 | Global Living Rooms: India

For the sixth part of our series,we visit the home of Jane Gopalakrishnan and her family. They live in Bangalore,one of the IT hotspots of ... tags: 3000BangaloreCultureDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEconomics

Global Living Rooms: Singapore | Global 3000

This week's Global Living Room is in Singapore where Dominique,Mark and their children live.Their living room walls display historic ... tags: 3000DeutscheDW-TVGlobalLivingRoomsSingapore

Global Living Rooms - Tanzania | Global 3000

Mark Shuguru lives in Magadu in central Tanzania. At 36,he has a job and is married with one daughter.He built his house himself,though it ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVGlobalLivingRooms

Global living rooms – Thailand | Global 3000

Laksna Singhmahaboon is an English teacher in Bangkok.She lives with her husband and in-laws in a type of teak-wood house that is typical ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVGlobalhouseliving

Global Living Rooms: Peru | Global 3000

Our host this week is Sonja Cahuana. Her one-room home contains all of her possessions.Sonja works as a nutrition adviser for an aid ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVGlobalLivingPeru

Global Living Rooms -- A Visit to South Korea | Global 3000

In the third part of our series, we visit the Cho family in South Korea. One of the first things we see in their living room is an enormous ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVGlobalKoreaLiving

Global Living Rooms – Poland | Global 3000

Jzef Gawowicz is a retired sea captain and a professor at the Marine Academy in Szczecin, Poland.His living room is full of souvenirs from ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVGlobalLivingPoland

Global Living Rooms: India | Global 3000

For the sixth part of our series, we visit the home of Jane Gopalakrishnan and her family. They live in Bangalore, one of the IT hotspots ... tags: 3000BangaloreCultureDeutscheDW-TVEconomicsGlobal

Global Living Rooms: New Zealand | Global 3000

Ten years ago, Tobias Pugno from Switzerland decided to move to New Zealand.He now runs a hostel there together with a friend. He spends ... tags: 3000CultureDeutscheDW-TVGlobalLivingNew