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Philly D Interview - CES 2014 - TechnoBuffalo

A meeting of two YouTube giants as Jon Rettinger interviews Philip DeFranco high above the floor at CES 2014 in Las Vegas.Jon and Phil ... tags: cesces2014ces_2014defrancodefranco_nationinterviewphilip_defranco

Samsung Galaxy Gear and Haswell MacBook Pros - TechnoBuffalo

In this episode of Ask the buffalo, Jon tackled the most burning questions in the world of tech including what he thinks of the recently ...

Rettinger's Rants: Smart Watches - TechnoBuffalo

On this edition of Rettinger's Rants, Jon R. talks smart watches tags: applegoogleinkjonrantsrettingerrettingers

Rettinger's Rants: Mobile Payments - TechnoBuffalo

Jon rants about how mobile payments have failed to become mainstream and how fragmentation is ruining the service. Since the introduction ... tags: applegooglejonnfcrantsrettingerrettingers

Apple's iOS 7, Aggressive Samsung Ads and the Best Smartphone to Use Right Now! - TechnoBuffalo

In this episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon answers questions about what his daily driver is and what phones he's looking forward to in 2013, ... tags: advertisementapplegalaxyiosivjonmarketing

IPad 5 and the Next Nexus 7 - TechnoBuffalo

Today on Rumor Roundup, we're talking the next Nexus 7, the iPad 5 and YouTube. tags: applegoogleiosipadjonnexusnokia

Rettinger's Rants: Rumors and Leaks - TechnoBuffalo

Today Jon rants about how rumors and leaks are ruining the excitement behind new devices. Gadget leaks and rumors make great posts on ... tags: applegooglejonmobilerantsrettingerrettingers

Playstation 4 Leaks - TechnoBuffalo

Today on Rumor Roundup, Jon talks about the Playstation 4 leaks and whether this news is legitimate. tags: dualshockjonmoveorbisplaystationrettingerrumors

Rettinger's Rants: Car Tech - TechnoBuffalo

Jon rants about car technology. He hates the fact that a 100 smartphone can do far more than a car costing several thousands of dollars. ... tags: carelonjonmuskrantsrettingerrettingers

Xbox Kinect 2.0, Top 3 Android Smartphones of 2012, and More - TechnoBuffalo

Today on Ask the Buffalo, Jon talks about the Kinect 2.0 for the next Xbox, starting TechnoBuffalo, what's in store for the show and what ... tags: galaxyhtcjonkinectnextboxnoterettinger

Blackberry 10 N-Series, Next Xbox, PlayStation 4, and iPhone 5S - TechnoBuffalo

Today, Jon R. talks the Blackberry 10 N-series, the Playstation 4 and next Xbox price points. Plus, the iPhone 5S is scheduled for ... tags: 10appleblackberryiphonejonmicrosoftplaystation

What's It Like to Cover CES? - TechnoBuffalo

In this episode of Ask the Buffalo, the TechnoBuffalo crew gives you the scoop on what its like to cover CES tags: answersbehindcoveragehow-tojonrettingerscene