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How To Find Neutrons

Donald Sinclaire, a science teacher, explains the structure of an atom. He talks about the properties of the nucleus of an atom, which ... tags: atomelectronsneutronsprotons

How To Find Protons

Donald Sinclaire explains the structure of an atom. He shows how the atom consists of both a nucleus, with protons and neutrons, and an ... tags: atomprotons

At the FrancoSwiss Border Visiting CERN, Steam on Linux, and Old School Computers - Hak5

Today on the show, Darren is out still Hacking across Europe by visiting CERN and Steam games on Linux the easy way. All that and more tags: acceleratorscerncomputershiggslinuxparticlesprotons

Probing the Secrets of Matter and Energy

Video streamed by How ultra-sophisticated technology is designed to probe deeper questions about the nature of matter and energy. From the ... tags: acceleratorbangbigcernhiggslhcparticle

Particle Hunting at LHC

A really zippy preview of what scientists are going to look for at the Large Hadron Collider. Video streamed by tags: acceleratorallthingssciencecombigcernhiggslhcparticle

RE Moon Faker: Radioactive Fallacy

Over the past few months my various opponents have pointed me in the direction of a response video by GreaterSapien This ... tags: 10-100mevallenbeltbeltsbremsstrahlungconspiracydebunked

RE: Re: Re: Radioactive Fallacy- Conspiracy Theorists Continue to Fail

For those keeping score, I released my 'MoonFaker Radioactive Anomaly' series GreaterSapien responded I ... tags: 10-100mevallenbeltbeltsConspiracyContinuecritical

Jim Cantelon with Dr. Jim Mason 1/2

Dr. Jim Mason Ph.D in experimental Nuclear Physics Jim Cantelon visited Muskoka Bible Conference Centre in August, 2011 and spoke to Dr. ... tags: 100HS creationism darwinism HS8965-03 jim mason neurons

How To Learn More About Neutrons

Have you ever wanted to get good at school subjects. Well look no further than this informative video on How To Learn More About Neutrons. ... tags: andatomelectronsLeisureLifeneutronsprotons

How To Determine Protons

This informative video is a helpful time-saver that will enable you to get good at school subjects. Watch our bite-size tutorial on How To ... tags: andatomLeisureLifeprotons

The Riddle of AntiMatter

Explores one of the deepest mysteries about how our universe came to be. Scientists are mounting new efforts to figure out how matter ... tags: alienaliensanitmatteranti-matterapolloastroastronauts