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McConnell frames rule change as distraction from Obamacare

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell accused Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Thursday of 'trying to change the subject' with a proposed ... tags: American_governmentCongressdemocratfilibustergovernmentharry_reidhistoric_debate

Senate votes in historic rule change

After Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid proposed a change, the Senate struck down traditional filibuster rules for most presidential ... tags: American_governmentCongressdemocratfilibustergovernmentharry_reidhistoric_debate

Obama: Filibuster change will help 'the gears of government' work

At Thursdayaposs White House briefing, President Obama praised the Senateaposs vote to change filibuster rules. tags: American_governmentbush_administrationbush_nomineesCongressdemocratfilibustergeorge_w_bush

Man's Severed Hand Saved By Grafting It To His Ankle

After losing his hand, Chinese factory worker Xie Wei had the detached extremity reattached, but not where it's normally found. tags: anklechinadoctorextremityhealth_newshospitalprocedure

Funny How to Deliver a Baby Tutorial...

Jeff Wysaski teaches you something everyone should know how to properly deliver a baby. tags: babychildrendeliverdeliver_a_babyfunfunnyhow_to

Preview: SWAT team that brought down Dzhokhar Tsarnaev

Former assistant director of FBI John Miller speaks with members of the SWAT team that apprehended Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as he was hiding ...

Nelson Mandela released from hospital

Nelson Mandela returned home after 11 days in a South African hospital, where he was treated for pneumonia.

Mandela remains in South Africa hospital

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is still in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. CBS News' Emma Hurd reports.

New procedure may drastically improve IVF success rates

Doctors at Nottingham University believe that a new technique used one-month prior to IVF treatments - known as endometrial scratching - ...

Mandela out of hospital and recovering at home

Former South African President Nelson Mandela is home and reportedly doing well, after receiving nearly three weeks of treatment for a lung ...

Nelson Mandela remains hospitalized

Nelson Mandela remains in the hospital after undergoing a series of medical tests. Scott Pelley spoke with Mark Phillips on the latest of ...

Procedure Kobe Bryant Is Having Performed In Germany

Kobe Bryant has gone overseas for a medical procedure that was unrelated to the Achilles tendon tear he suffered in April.