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Pentagon sock puppet trolls attack alt media

Watch the full Episode 135 of the Keiser Report on Tuesday. This week, Max Keiser and co-host, Stacy Herbert, report on the black hole of ... tags: alexGoldmanHerbertinfowarsjonesKeiserMax

Ron Paul Christmas...!!!

hey now, what up peopleThis be the next segment of the 'blues explosion'....CAN U DIG ITIn the spirit of the holidays, and good cheer and ... tags: AlexJonesconklingFoxTVinfowarMerryChristmasprisonplanetpundits

HAARP Secrets Revealed(1 of 5)Dr. Nick Begich

PART 2 AT THIS LINK Dr. Nick Begich has been pursuing independent research in science and politics for most of his adult life. Dr Begich ... tags: Alex Jones aviation barium bees chemicals chemtrails contrails

Descending Into The Grand Canyon!

As the first fingers of lite touched the sky,we began our morning hike in to the Grand Canyon. tags: alex Canyon Channel globalist infowars jones nascar

The Burzynski Research Institute's Cancer Treatment Threatens Big Pharma.

Mike Adams from, reporting for visits the Burzynski research institute and speaks with Dr. Stanislaw ... tags: Adams Alex Antineoplastons Breakthrough Burzynski Clinic Cure

Activist Admits He Has A Lot to Learn

This good hearted activist admits he has a long education in front of him to get to the truth. tags: Alex Education End Fed Freedom Infowars Jones

Occupy Everything

These activists have hardly seen any communist rhetoric, disproving the main stream media's demonization campaign against the occupy wall ... tags: Alex Infowars Jones Liberty Prisonplanet Street Wall

Who Controls The Fed?

Like other activists we talked to, this activist asks, 'who controls the fed' and he knows that the fed is an unconstitutional entity. tags: activist end fed infowars Jones occupy prisonplanet

Activist is all for Alex's occupy the federal reserve event

This activist know that people are throwing the term communism and socialism around without even knowing what they mean. When asked if he's ... tags: End Fed Occupy Prisonplanet Steer Te Wall