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Pregnancy By Week Videos - 3 by Popular

Fetal Development Week Twenty Three

Your fetal development video update is an interesting one during this, your week 23 of pregnancy. Why Your baby has now learned to sleep ... tags: 23_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_kicksfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_23fetus_at_twenty_three_weeks

Fetal Development Week Twenty One

By now, fetal development has progressed to a point where your baby will begin to do some things for his or herself, like producing red ... tags: 21_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_21fetus_at_twenty_one_weekspregnancy_by_week

Fetal Development Week Eighteen

In week 18 of pregnancy, you better get talking-or singing-to your belly After all, fetal development has progressed to the point where ... tags: 18_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmenteighteen_weeks_pregnantfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_18fetus_at_18_weeks

Fetal Development Week Nineteen

Ready for your video update for week 19 of pregnancy Now, your baby has taken measures to protect his thin, sensitive skin in the womb by ... tags: 19_weeksamniotic_fluidbaby_developmentbrown_fatfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_19

Fetal Development Week Sixteen

Welcome to your video fetal development update for week 16 of pregnancy. Your avocado-sized fetus is growing so rapidly, and moving so ... tags: 16_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_kicksfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_16fetal_development_week_sixteen

Fetal Development Week Seventeen

Don't sweat week 17 of pregnancy-although your baby may His or her sweat glands have started to form now, and those miniature bones have ... tags: 17_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_17fetus_at_17_weeksfetus_at_seventeen_weeks

Fetal Development Week Fifteen

Guess what, Mom During pregnancy week 15, fetal development will have likely reached a point where you'll be able to find out whether ... tags: 15_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_genderboy_or_girlfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_15

Fetal Development Week Twelve

Holy reflexes, Batman By week 12 of pregnancy, your baby will learn to open and close those tiny fists and for now colorless eyes. Get more ... tags: 12_weeks_pregnantamniotic_fluidbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_12fetal_development_week_twelve

Fetal Development Week Thirteen

During week 13 of pregnancy, pick up a clementine-that's how big your baby is now For more on your little one's fetal development big stuff ... tags: 13_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_fingerprintsfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_13fetus_at_13_weeks

Fetal Development Week Ten

Your baby's gender has been determined from day one, but during week 10 of pregnancy, fetal development reaches a point where reproductive ... tags: 10_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_teethfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_10fetal_development_week_ten

Fetal Development Week Eight

Welcome to pregnancy week eight, where your now kidney bean-sized fetus has developed twenty finger and toe buds And that's not all the ... tags: 8_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbaby_fingersbaby_toeseight_weeks_pregnantembryo_digitsfetal_development

Fetal Development Week Nine

In week nine of pregnancy, your baby will have a really big head but, no, he isn't conceited Instead, he or she is just top-heavy and is ... tags: 9_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_9fetal_development_week_ninefetus_at_9_weeks