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Pregnancy By Week Videos - 2 by Popular

Fetal Development Week Twenty

During week 20 of pregnancy, you'll be halfway through the experience, but that doesn't mean that fetal development stalls here to learn ... tags: 20_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_20fetal_development_week_twentyfetus_at_twenty_weeks

Fetal Development Week Thirty Nine

By week 39 of your pregnancy, you're probably not doing much but waiting out this whole fetal development thing. Relax, keep breathing, and ... tags: 39_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_eye_colorfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_39fetus_at_thirty_nine_weeks

Fetal Development Week Thirty Seven

Welcome to week 37 of pregnancy, where your baby is pretty much ready to make his or her entry into the world. In fact, if you were to give ... tags: 37_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_37fetus_at_thirty_seven_weeksfull_term

Fetal Development Week Thirty Five

Ready for your fetal development video update for week 35 Delivery is just weeks away, which is why your baby is pretty much ready for life ... tags: 35_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_weight_gainbreech_positionexternal_cephalic_versionfetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Fetal Development Week Thirty Six

Now that you've reached week 36 of pregnancy, your walk has probably turned into a waddle But this just means your baby is doing what he or ... tags: 36_weeksbaby_developmentbreech_positionexternal_cephalic_versionfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_36

Fetal Development Week Thirty Three

By week 33 of pregnancy, your pineapple-sized baby weighs about four pounds, which may be more than half of what he or she will weigh upon ... tags: 33_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_33fetus_at_thirty_three_weeksfontanels

Fetal Development Week Thirty Four

If your baby wasn't already resting with his or her head against your pubic bone, it's likely that your fetus will turn that way during ... tags: 34_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_34fetus_at_thirty_four_weekspre-term_labor

Fetal Development Week Thirty Two

Welcome to week 32 of pregnancy, where your not-so-little one's continuing fetal development will cause you to gain a pound weekly Find out ... tags: 32_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_hairfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_32fetus_at_thirty_two_weeks

Fetal Development Week Thirty

Welcome to your fetal development video update for week 30 of pregnancy, where your image of baby as a chubby-cheeked, adorable infant is ... tags: 30_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_30fetal_development_week_thirtyfetus_at_thirty_weeks

Fetal Development Week Twenty Six

Welcome to week 26 of pregnancy, where your fetus is super-busy practicing for life outside of your womb-from lungs that breathe amniotic ... tags: 26_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_heartbeatfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_26fetal_heartbeat

Fetal Development Week Twenty Five

Your baby has always been covered with a warm, furry coating of fur called lanugo, but during week 25 of your pregnancy, his or her head ... tags: 25_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_hairfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_25fetus_at_twenty_five_weeks

Fetal Development Week Twenty Two

Welcome to week 22 of pregnancy, where your baby officially hits the one-pound mark In other news, your little one's sense of touch will ... tags: 22_weeksbaby_developmentfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_22fetus_at_twenty_two_weekslanugo