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Violent compilation : Top 10 Funniest Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong

So so so Crazy... You HAVE to watch this compilation because when a prank goes wrong it's violent and funny.. and we have the 10 funniest ... tags: Best_PrankCompilationfightgone_wronghumorlaughprank

The Best Pranks of 2013

Enjoy this amazing compilation of awesome pranks... The best pranks of 2013 tags: awesomecompilation_prankFunfunnyhumorjokeprank

Drug pranksters : DEA Drug Bust Prank!

So Big Boy and I had a meeting couple months ago about doing a prank together after hours of talking he told me that he rents out a house ... tags: deadea_drugdrugDrug_Enforcement_Administrationenjoyfunnyhidden_camera

Giving Homeless People A Christmas Morning Prank

The holidays can be a rough time, but its especially depressing when youre out on the streets in the cold while others enjoy presents and ... tags: amazingfoodfunnyhappyhomelesshomeless_christmas_prankjoke

100 PIZZAS for Homeless! Amazing Christmas gift!

As usual, another video where a prankster gives food and joy to homeless. This time the french dude gives 100 pizzas for homeless and needy ... tags: feedfoodgiftgivehomelessneedyneedy_people

Cellphone Crashing At The Airport

Is there anything more annoying than someone interrupting your conversation on the phone by talking right next to you Prankster Greg Benson ... tags: cellphonecell_phoneConversationcrash_a_cellphonefunnyhumorphone_prank

‘Would You Kiss Me If It Started Snowing' In Arizona Prank

Last Christmas season, prankster Stuart Edge exploded online with his mistletoe prank where he had his wingmen lower a mistletoe over him ... tags: humorjokekisskissing_pranklaughprankprankster

Pranking people with selfie pictures on the beach!!

So funny This guy come to help passerbys to take picture of them but it' a prank he takes selfies photos with their camera or ... tags: funnyhumorjokelaughLOLprankPrankster

S.e.x Freak Prank - Crazy Steve-O

Steve-o dressed like a 's.e.x' freak addict... So funny prank tags: costumecrazyfreakfunnyhumorjackassjoke

Thumb cut : Chopped Off Thumb Prank!!

Awesome prank the chopped off prank A guy cut is finger in front of passerby So funny... tags: accidentbloodchopchopped_offchopped_off_thumbcutfunny

Funny Scary Snowman Prank in Boston!

A classic but always really FUNNY The Snowman PRANK, in boston streets... Good way to scrared passerbys tags: awesomeFunfunnyhidden_camerahumorprankprankster

Online Pranskter Gives Turkey Sandwiches To The Homeless At Skid Row

In honor of Thanksgiving, online famous prankster Vitaly put the pranks to the side and instead chose to help the needy. He traveled to ... tags: amazinghappyholidayhomelessprankpranksterSandwich