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Pope calls for renewed political will to end Syria conflict

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY Pope Francis, in his first 'state of the world' address to diplomats, on Monday called for a renewed ... tags: andCutdiplomatsendfornarrationpolitical

Rock & Roll Legend Ted Nugent

You may not agree with his point of view but the Motor City Madman doesn't pull any punches. InTheLab host Arthur Kade gets the lowdown ... tags: ConservatismDetroitGuitaristMotor_City_MadmanPoliticalRock_and_rollTed_Nugent

Bad Directors: M Night Shyamalan 9

Never say M. Night Shyamalan has hit rock bottom, because if there's one thing M. Night knows how to do -- besides how to put unnecessary ... tags: ActorBookEntertainmentMovieMusicMusicianPolitical

Bad Directors: Roland Emmerich 8

In all fairness, I don't think anyone's ever accused Roland Emmerich of being a particularly good filmmaker. But considering his films have ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicianPolitical

Bad Directors: Gore Verbinski 6

Here we have another career that started with a surplus of promise only to slowly give way to lazy efforts and pandering to the lowest ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Tim Burton 4

After parlaying an animation position into a full-blown directing gig on the strength of wildly inventive movies like Pee Wee's Big ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Spike Lee 3

One needs to look no farther than last year's uninspired and unnecessary box-office flop Oldboy to see how far Spike Lee has fallen. This ... tags: ActorBookEntertainmentMovieMusicMusicianPolitical

Bad Directors: Zack Snyder 7

It's not that Zack Snyder makes disappointing films, it's that he makes disappointing films based on properties with so much promise. ... tags: ActorDesireEntertainmentMovieMusicianPoliticalSnyder

Bad Directors: Ridley Scott 2

It might be a stretch to say that Ridley Scott has lost his touch. Then again, it might not. Scott's career trajectory is one of slow ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Francis Ford Coppola 5

As one of the godfathers of the '70s' resurgence of auteur films, Francis Ford Coppola gave us some of the greatest films ever made, like ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Renny Harlin 10

This Finnish import got his first taste of Hollywood success after helming the successful fourth entry in the Nightmare on Elm Street ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMovieMusicMusician

Bad Directors: Michael Bay 1

Finally, we have the director whose career epitomizes all that's wrong with modern movies. An abundance of special effects sequences, weak ... tags: ActorBookCelebritiesEntertainmentMusicMusicianPolitical