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Hero of the day : a cop save a baby!

Awesome guy The hero of the day At the airport, a dad foget that his baby was seating on a table ready to 'jump' The cop caugh the baby ... tags: amazingamazing_guybabyCatchcopherohero_of_day

Violent Corrections Officer accused of slamming the head of a man who was handcuffed

Corrections Officer Charles Craig Broaderick is accused of slamming the head of a man who was handcuffed into a concrete wall at the Marion ... tags: accusedbad_copcopcorrection_officerhitofficerpoliceman

A guy saved from suicide! amazing...

A guy want to jump from the window of a building but a cop will save his life. tags: amazingbuildingcopfiremanFireworkerjump_from_roofjump_from_window

Spanish cops are a little dumb... EPIC CAR FAIL

Dans une rue de Tamaraceite sur l'le de Grande Canarie les Canaries en Espagne, deux personnes se battent. Une patrouille de police arrive ... tags: accidentcarcar_crashcopepic_failfailfunny

Policeman playing piano in Prague - Coolest cop ever!!!

This cop i so so cool and skilled... He plays piano in the street. tags: coolcoolcopcool_copcopepicfunnymusic

Kanye West Compares His Dangerous Job to a Soldier's

Uh oh We might have another Tom Cruise situation on our hands Kanye West has just likened the hardships and dangers of his career to that ... tags: hardhiskanye_west_most_controversial_commentslifelikepolicemansays

Policeman Rescues Driver from a Burning Car!

Dashboard camera footage shows a southern New Jersey police officer braving heat and blinding smoke to pull an unconscious driver from a ... tags: amazingBurning_Cardriverfirefirefighterfiremanpoliceman

"DONT DO THAT HERE!" Funny prank in Venice Beach arrested by cops.

This 2 guys are pranksters... The are telling people 'don't do that her' in the street... Funny but one of these call police....And guess ...

Policeman VS Cow...

A policeman in the street meets a big cow.... And the Cow wins. The strike is VIOLENT. Poor cop...

Biker VS Police car...

A biker hits a police car and fall down. Violent crash for the biker but the cops don't give a crap

Russian Cops are AWESOME.....and a little bit violent too!

Russian cops are just CRAZY. This one gonna break the glass of the car because the driver doesn't want to open it. Insane