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Cambodian authorities clash with anti-government demonstrators

Cambodian security guards and city workers dismantled a camp occupied by anti-government demonstrators on Saturday as riot police looked ... tags: authoritiesCambodiaCambodianclashClashes_and_riotsDeathdemonstrators

Cambodian garment factory workers killed in strike over low wages

At least three people were killed in Cambodia on Friday when police opened fire on textile factory workers.Human rights workers said ... tags: CambodiaDeathfactorygarmentkilledlowPolice_violence

Egypt: Fatal clashes and hundreds more arrests in Muslim Brotherhood crackdown

Egypt has seen clashes across the country between police and supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood, leaving at least three people dead.It ... tags: andarrestsclashesClashes_and_riotscrackdownEgypthundreds

Angry Turks clash with police and call on their government to resign

The streets of Istanbul and Ankara were echoing with cries of thieves and resign on Friday night as demonstrators showed their anger with ... tags: andAngryAnkaraClashes_and_riotsgovernmentIstanbulpolice

Police use teargas and rubber bullets on Thai protesters

Thailands largely peaceful anti-government protests have become violent, with demonstrators clashing with police in Bangkok. Demonstrators ... tags: andbulletsClashes_and_riotsPolicePolice_violenceProtestprotesters

Thousand flee violence and seek UN shelter in South Sudan

In South Sudan around 16,000 people have taken shelter in UN compounds in the capital Juba after the latest between rival groups of ... tags: andCivil_WarfleePolice_violencePolitical_crisisshelterSudan

Footage released alleging Ukrainian police brutality

Dramatic footage has emerged appearing to show an unidentified person being beaten by Ukrainian police Allegedly filmed on December 1, some ... tags: allegingbrutalityFootagepolicePolice_violenceProtests_in_Ukrainereleased

An uneasy truce on the streets of Bangkok as Thais prepare to celebrate king's birthday

Suddenly after days of tear gas and rubber bullets hundreds of cleaners in Bangkok have come out in force to clear up the debris strewn ... tags: BangkokbirthdayPolice_violencePolitical_crisisprepareProteststreets

Ukraine: protesters block off government headquarters in Kyiv

Around a thousand protesters blocked off the Ukrainian governments main headquarters in Kyiv on Monday.The opposition has called for more ... tags: Clashes_and_riotsEU-Ukraine_2013governmentheadquartersKievoffPolice_violence

Journalists get caught up in Kyiv violence

The violence in Kyiv on Sunday left scores injured many of them members of the press.One source says 29 journalists mainly cameramen and ... tags: caughtClashes_and_riotsgetJournalistKievKyivMedia

Thailand: police remove barricades outside government buildings allowing protesters inside

The Thai government has ordered police to remove barricades outside police and government headquarters and to allow protesters inside.A ... tags: buildingsgovernmentinsidePolicePolice_violencePolitical_crisisProtest

The UN and Washington condemn violence in Ukraine

The international community has turned its focus on the crisis in Ukraine. Speaking at a UN event in Lima, the organisations Secretary ... tags: andcondemnEU-Ukraine_2013KievPolice_violenceProtestThe