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[EN] Winter Cake - Nom Nom Vegan - CherryPepper Magazine

A comforting and gourmand cake that brings out the chocolate-orange union with a touch of hazelnut. ... tags: chocolate_cakeegg_freelactose_freemilk_freeplant-basedveganvegan_magazine

[EN] Vegan Pancakes Trio - Nom Nom Vegan - CherryPepper Magazine

3 delicious recipes of vegan pancakes Peanut Banana Chocolate Almond Vanilla Lemon Hazelnut Apple Cinnamon Our free online Magazine + ... tags: breakfastPancakeplant-basedrecipesweetveganvegan_magazine

[EN] Soft Pretzel Balls - Nom Nom Vegan - CherryPepper Magazine

Soft and flavourful, these Pretzel Balls are perfect for dinner aperitif, buffet or picnic. Our free online Magazine + than 150 pages ... tags: egg_freemilk_freepalm_oil_freeplant-basedpretzelrecipevegan

[EN] 3 Christmas Savoury Pies - Vegan Christmas Recipes - Nom Nom Vegan - CherryPepper Magazine

3 Pies recipes perfect for the Holidays Chestnuts Leek Pie Mushrooms Figs Pie Cranberries Seaweeds Pie ... tags: bakingegg_freemilk_freepieplant-basedrecipevegan

Brendan Brazier Launches New Thrive Forward Sport Edition

Kickstart Summer Fitness Training With Clean Plant-Based Nutrition Tips Brendan Brazier, performance nutrition expert and author of Thrive ... tags: dietfitnesshealthynutritionperformanceplant-based

When "fat free" really means 100% fat

Dietitian Jeff Novick MS RD blows the lid off of foods labeled 'fat free' which are in fact 100 fat. How do they get away with it Watch. ... tags: fat freejeff novicklabel readingpamplant-basedscam

Raise the Flag with a Vegan Diet

Learn about how a healthy plant-based diet improves blood flow throughout the body. For updates, newsletter sign up, showtimes and more ... tags: dietForks Over KnivesPlant-basedVeganweight loss

The Kind Diet: The Truth

Need a quick tip on how to lose weight and perfect your skin, all while increasing your energy Check out Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Detox ... tags: Alicia_SilverstoneBest_dietDiet_foodsDiet_MealsDiet_recipeEating_healthyEating_well:_Health

Alicia Silverstone's Kind Diet

Alicia Silverstone's Vegan Detox plan, The Kind Diet, claims to help you lose weight, perfect your skin, increase energy and more And the ... tags: Alicia_SilverstoneBest_dietDiet_foodsDiet_MealsDiet_recipeEating_healthyEating_well:_Health

Novick DVD Holiday Special! A Steal of a Deal!

LIMITED TIME Buy 4 Jeff Novick DVDs, get a FREE Fast Food DVD Jeff Novick MS RD is the final word on nutrition, bar none. Now you can get ... tags: dvd headveg health nutrition oil to nuts plant-based vegan

Digestion Made Easy - with Michael Klaper MD

Watch Dr. Klaper explain what you will learn in his new DVD, 'Digestion Made Easy A Journey Through Your Amazing Digestive System.' To ... tags: digestion dvd headveg plant-based vegandigestiondvd

Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease - Caldwell Esselstyn Jr MD

Former President Bill Clinton is just one of the many success stories of individuals who followed Dr. Esselstyn's plant-based diet to ... tags: bill clinton cure esselstyn headveg heart disease plant-based reversal