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Plane crashes twice on New Zealand beach

Things went from bad to worse when a light aircraft crash landed onto a beach... and then plunged into the ocean when it tried to take off ... tags: aeroplaneaircraftairplaneair_new_zealandair_planebeachcrash_landing

Hearing On Asiana Crash Considers Pilot Training, Automation

Investigators heard analysts saying pilots may be too reliant on automated systems without understanding how those systems work. tags: asiana_airlinesasiana_crashasiana_pilot_concernedboeing_777glide_slope_indicatorlee_kang_kukntsb_hearings

Skydivers' Escape From Midair Crash Airs on NBC

According to The Washington Post, NBC paid the skydiving team at least 100,000 for the video.

Skydivers Survive Mid-Air Plane Collision

Two small planes crashed in midair Sunday, and all eleven people on board miraculously survived.

Wright Brothers Replica Plane Crash Kills 2

Two Ohio men died in a plane crash Saturday while flying a replica of a Wright brothers plane. tags: 1910_planecrashflight_testmitchell_carymultisourceohioplane

Examinan los restos del avión que realizó un aterrizaje forzoso en un río de Siberia

Las partes de la nave ahora sern examinadas y los resultados se adjuntarn al caso penal. El capitn del quotAntnov-24quot decidi acuatizar ... tags: aeronaveaguaAn-24Angaraaterrizaje_de_emergenciaaviónavión_An-24

Vídeo de la caída de un avión en Siberia

El incidente ocurri la maana de este lunes luego de que en el ala izquierda de la aeronave se registrara un fuego. El avin, con 33 ... tags: -24 An-24 caida de avion al agua dramatic impactante impresionante Ob