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Best Star Wars Expanded Universe Characters! | DweebCast | OraTV

So LucasFilms gonna do away with Star Wars Expanded Universe, as a story group will reportedly be in charge of steering one cohesive ... tags: anakinfettjadejainakatarnmarapalpatine

Clone Wars - Season 5 Trailer #2 - Rewind Theater

IGN's Eric Goldman and Chris Carle analyze the exciting new Clone Wars trailer, and all the Sith, Mandalorian and Jedi action within. tags: ahsoka-tanoanakin-skywalkerasajj-ventressdarth-mauldarth-sidiousobi-wan-kenobipalpatine

Is Tom Cruise a Sith Lord?

I need to quash all the rumors, and clear this up once-and-for-all Tom Cruise may be a whacko Scientologist, but he is NOT a Sith Lord. tags: cruiseemperorjedipalpatinescientologistscientologysith

Ask Palpatine 2 - "Death Star Design Flaws"

Does the Death Star have design flaws I don't believe that it does. tags: comedyemperorofunnyjedilucaspalpatinequestions

Ask Palpatine 1 - Give me your questions. Now.

Just because I'm the Dark Lord of the Sith doesn't mean you can't get to know me. tags: comedyfunnyjedipalpatinesithstarstarwars

Ask Palpatine 201: Unicorn Fingers

The question for this episode is Can you shoot more than lighting from your fingertips, like fireThe song is Poker Face, by Lady Gaga tags: askemperorjedipalpatinepuppetsquestionsseason

Star Wars: Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones - Trailer #1

Star Wars Episode 2 - Attack of the Clones 2002 - Trailer 1 - Ten years after the invasion of Naboo, Anakin Hayden Christensen and Obi-Wan ... tags: Ahmed_BestAnakin_SkywalkerAndy_SecombeAnthony_DanielsBail_OrganaBeru_LarsBoba_Fett

GarageBand Tennis #001 jetdaisuke - asakawaz ...

New GarageBand Tennis Series with asakawaz. We'll make an another branch. His RESPONSE is here What is the GarageBand ... tags: asakawazaskwzbeatmakingcollaborationcomposeDarth SidiousDAW

ETC - Best actor at Machinima!? - 12/27/11

here to watch the previous episode of ETCETC - Best actor at Machinima - 12/27/11Welcome back to ETC Today I thought I'd do a ... tags: 3dandandroidAnonymousappbatmanbeau