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Happy Pagan Christmas! [AfricansArise.Com]

04/11/13 - Christmas is 'Pagan', Easter is 'Pagan' - and that's a good thing Why I don't celebrate Christmas by Torahrevival - ...

SOLACE IN WICCA: Opening Scene

This was the opening scene to a rough cut of my film 'Solace in Wicca'

School's In Session: Witchcraft Academy in Lithuania

Lithuania's wizards are no longer in hiding. Instead they have their own answer to Hogwarts. They are training at the 'School of Witches' ... tags: Lithuaniaofpaganismpagansreligionschoolwarlocks

Imperial Triumphant "Stormgod" Imperial Triumphant Music

02/25/12 - Imperial Triumphant 'Stormgod' -Like this video Come see thousands more at the Net's biggest, uncensored, completely diy ... tags: 1349bathoryblackblanktvblasphemyBurzumCeltic Frost

Living in the New Paradigm Pt. 4 - Your Awakening, Survival Skills and the Divine Feminine

This is the conclusion to the 4 parts series by Bernard Alvarez, 'Living in The New Paradigm. In the last and most riveting part, Bernard ... tags: alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardbikbayechanneling

Christmas of the Destroyer

Christians should boycott Christmas in December because it is the birthday of Apollyon The Destroyer from Revelation 9/11. All the trinkets ... tags: 25abominationapollyonbellscarolcelebrationscheer

The Virgin Spring

Starring Max von Sydow, The Virgin Spring is both beautiful and cruel in its depiction of a world teetering between paganism and ... tags: Academy_AwardavengebeautifulBest_Foreign_Language_FilmChristianitycrueldeath_of_a_child

The Dogon and the Bayuali - Dialogue of Energies in the Universe

Bikbaye Inejnema has followed in the footsteps of the ancestors of the Pharaoh's of ancient Egypt when he was initiated into the ... tags: 11alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardbikbaye

2012 Living in the New Paradigm Part 3 - Your Health and Well-being

This is Part 3 of the 2012 Living in the New Paradigm series with Bernard Alvarez. In this segment Bernard speaks about taking ... tags: alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardbikbayechanneling

Rev. Don's Vlog - Are You For Real?

Rev. Don discusses whether Witches are real or made-up, in response to a question from DreadsideNabune. See all of Rev. Don's Vlogs at ... tags: dreadsidenabuneFolkloreMadeupmagicktvMythologyPaganismReal

2012 Living In The New Paradigm Pt.2 - The Media, Nationalism and your Ego

This is Part 2 of the 4 part series 'Living In The New Paradigm' with Bernard Alvarez. In this segment we cover the Media, from TV to ... tags: 11alvarezancientangelicattractionbernardchanneling