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Cutting chocolate cravings with a walk

Can exercise help you to curb a snacking habit Sometimes one good habit can lead to another. Have you ever returned from the gym and ... tags: chocolatecravingsCuttingFamilyHealthInformationOsteopathic

Working moms are health and happy

Does work outside the home improve the health and satisfaction of new mothers Some new data has entered the old debate about how work ... tags: areFamilyhappyhealthInformationmomsOsteopathic

Answers about high blood pressure

What are the basic facts that everyone should know about high blood pressure Every time you go to the doctor, the nurse will typically ... tags: aboutAnswersbloodFamilyHealthhighInformation

More FAQs about high blood pressure

What kinds of treatments are available for high blood pressure On yesterday's programs, I pointed out that nearly one in three Americans ... tags: aboutbloodFamilyFAQsHealthhighInformation

Prescription drug abuse

What are the dangers of prescription drug abuse As of 2009, about 7 million Americans -- that's 3 of the United States population -- were ... tags: abusedrugFamilyHealthInformationOsteopathicPrescription

Medical Mission Volunteering Nepal Kathmandu Rocky Vista Students with Abroaderview

Medical Mission Volunteering Nepal Kathmandu Rocky Vista University Students with Abroaderview tags: AbroaderviewbordersBrigadecharityclinicscorpdoctros

Ways to Cut 150 Calories Every Day

What are some easy ways to cut calories from your daily diet When patients ask me for simple ways to cut back calories, I know they're on ... tags: 150CaloriesCutDayEveryFamilyHealth

Fat-Burning Tips

Is there a pre-workout meal that can help you burn fat On this show, I encourage you to lose weight slowly and safely, in the interest of ... tags: FamilyFat-BurningHealthInformationOsteopathicTips

Footwear and foot care

How important is footwear to foot care We all like to put our best foot forward, but sometimes we get cold feet. And when it comes to ... tags: careFamilyfootFootwearHealthInformationOsteopathic

Prescriptions explained

What does all of that writing on a doctor's prescription mean Comedians always make fun of the cryptic way that many doctors write ... tags: explainedFamilyHealthInformationOsteopathicPrescriptions