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Brazil, emerging world power, 'impotent' over prison gangs

Gang violence in Brazils prison crisis has won the government the condemnation of Human Rights Watch. This follows video posted online by ... tags: BrazilemerginggangsimpotentJailOrganised_crimeover

EU fires first salvo for stricter gun control

Gun crime is on the rise in Europe with the Schengen open border policy making it easier for criminals to move weapons across the ... tags: controlEuropean_UnionfiresforgunMarseilleOrganised_crime

THE INTERVIEW - Ditmir Bushati, Albanian Foreign Minister

After being turned down twice by Brussels, Albanias bid to join the EU has finally been looked upon favourably by the European Commission. ...

THE INTERVIEW - Thierry Lévêque, journalist

The 500-euro note is under scrutiny. Experts say it has become a favourite for gangs and terrorists. Easy to smuggle and to store, the note ...

NCA begins tackling serious crime

By McAvaney NickThe head of 'Britain's FBI' is warning the Mr Bigs of the underworld there will be 'no one beyond the reach' of the new ...

May: Deport foreign criminals before appeal

By McAvaney NickTheresa May is promising the government will 'deport foreign criminals first, then hear their appeals'.

The history of gangs and gang violence in Australia

Over the past 9 years Melbourne has been in the grip of a gangland war, resulting in almost 30 murders and what has shocked even the most ... tags: AustraliaGang_culturegang_violenceNews_PoliticsOrganised_crime

In the Fire Line

Fuelled by a cocktail of drugs, armed robberies are growing more violent and unpredictable. Wired on drugs and adrenaline, robbers storm ... tags: Armed_RobberiesBanksconvictedCrimecustomersDangerousDrugs