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New York city mayor names new NYPD head

Bill Deblasio was elected as Mayor of New York City by a landslide in November. Among the issues Deblasio raised in his campaign was ... tags: CampaignDeblasioLandslideMayorOppositionUnited_StatesWeapons

La journaliste ukrainienne raconte son passage à tabac

KIEV - 27 dc 2013 - La journaliste et activiste ukrainienne Tetiana Tchernovol a t victime d'un passage tabac dans la nuit du 24 au 25 ... tags: agressionjournalisteoppositionTetiana_TchernovolUkraineviolences

Un ténor anti-syrien au Liban assassiné à Beyrouth

Cinq morts. C'est le bilan provisoire de l'attentat qui a scou Beyrouth vendredi matin. La cible de l'attaque tait Mohammad Chatah, ancien ... tags: assassinatattentatBeyrouthexplosionHezbollahLibanMohammad_Chatah

Les pro-Morsi bravent l'interdiction de manifester

LE CAIRE - 27 dc 2013 - Les partisans de l'ancien prsident Mohamed Morsi ont affront les forces de scurit vendredi au Caire. Au moins 148 ... tags: affrontementsÉgypteFrères_musulmansManifestationMohamed_Morsioppositionviolences

Regain de violence en Thaïlande

BANGKOK - 26 dc 2013 - Jeudi, une violente manifestation a fait un mort Bangkok, un policier. Soixante personnes ont t blesses. Pour la ... tags: électionsBangkokgouvernementmanifestationsoppositionThaïlandeviolences

Ukraine: demonstrators denounce attack on opposition journalist

Angry protesters are demanding the resignation of Ukraines Interior Minister Vitaly Zakharchenko after an opposition journalist was badly ... tags: AttackdemonstratorsdenounceJournalistoppositionProtests_in_UkraineUkraine:

Tunisian Opposition accepts new PM

For a few days, Tunisia's main opposition coalition has hesitated before accepting Mehdi Jomaa as the 5th Prime Minister to take office ... tags: AcceptsAfricasNew_PMOppositionTunis

Bangkok: Sitzblockade gegen Neuwahlen | Journal

Seit Wochen machen Demonstranten in Bangkok Stimmung gegen die thailndische Regierung. Jetzt versuchen sie, Neuwahlen zu verhindern. In ... tags: bangkokdemokratieneuwahlenoppositionthailandyinluck

Mass opposition rally in Thai capital Bangkok

The Thai opposition has held a fresh mass rally in Bangkok as its campaign to bring down the government of Prime Minister Yingluck ... tags: BangkokcapitalMassoppositionProtestrallyThai

Venezuela's president holds rare dialogue with opponents

Most venezuelan TV channels and radio stations broadcast on Wednesday, President Nicolas Maduro receiving opposition governors and mayors ... tags: AmericasDialogoppositionPeaceVenezuela

En Ukraine, l'opposition rejette tout accord avec Moscou

KIEV - 18 dc 2013 - Les manifestations ont continu Kiev, au lendemain de la signature d'un accord entre les autorits russes et ... tags: manifestationsMykola_AzarovoppositionRussieUkraineUnion_européenneViktor_Ianoukovitch