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Miracle at St. Anna - Trailer #1

Miracle at St. Anna 2008 - Trailer 1 - The story of four black American soldiers who are trapped in a Tuscan village during World War II. tags: 2nd_Staff_Sergeant_Aubrey_StampsAlexandra_Maria_LaraAngelo_Torancelli_(The_Boy)Axis_SallyCaptain_EichholzCaptain_NokesChristian_Berkel

Cheddar Pulls a Gun

8 Mile 2002 - Cheddar Pulls a Gun - When Cheddar Evan Jones tries to help B-Rabbit Eminem win a fight by pulling a gun, he accidentally ... tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit Battles Lyckety-Splyt

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit Battles Lyckety-Splyt - B-Rabbit Eminem battles Lyckety-Splyt Strike and shows him what he can really do. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Wink's Big Deal

8 Mile 2002 - Wink's Big Deal - Wink Eugene Byrd tells B-Rabbit Eminem all about how he8217s going to make him a rap star. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit Battles Papa Doc

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit Battles Papa Doc - B-Rabbit Eminem battles Papa Doc Anthony Mackie and blows him out of the water. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

The Lunch Truck

8 Mile 2002 - The Lunch Truck - On his lunch break, Rabbit Eminem takes a rapping co-worker down a notch. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit is Betrayed

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit is Betrayed - Rabbit Eminem catches Wink Eugene Byrd having sex with Alex Brittany Murphy and gives him a beating. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

We're Being Evicted

8 Mile 2002 - We're Being Evicted - Rabbit8217s mom Kim Basinger tells him that they8217re getting evicted he has a rough time at his ... tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Greg's Outta Here

8 Mile 2002 - Greg's Outta Here - Greg Michael Shannon freaks out over the eviction notice and Rabbit Eminem beats him up. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Rabbit Battles Lil' Tic

8 Mile 2002 - Rabbit Battles Lil' Tic - B-Rabbit Eminem gets in his first rap battle, and chokes big time. He gets booed off the stage. tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

8 Mile - Trailer #1

8 Mile 2002 - Trailer 1 - A young rapper Eminem struggles to seize an opportunity within his bleak life but his problems threaten to weigh ... tags: AlexAnthony_MackieBrittany_MurphyCheddar_BobChloe_GreenfieldCurtis_HansonDavid_'Future'_Porter

Ending credits Part 3

The clip ending credits Part 3 from The Express 2008 . Starring Rob Brown Ernie Davis, Dennis Quaid Ben Schwartzwalder, Darrin Dewitt ... tags: Ben_SchwartzwalderDarrin_Dewitt_HensonDennis_QuaidErnie_DavisGary_FlederJack_BuckleyJim_Brown