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Oceans Videos - 3 by Popular

Climate change leaves the oceans 'hot, sour and breathless'

A triple-whammy of rising temperatures, increased acid levels and lack of oxygen is trashing the world's oceans, according to scientists at ... tags: 20BrazilEarthhighlightsincoceansRio

Good news, bad news at Rio+20 Oceans Day

There's good news and bad news at a special Oceans Day at the Rio+20 Earth Summit. Delegates hear encouraging signs that oceans are at last ... tags: 20BrazilchangeclimateincoceansRio

Thousands flock to visit Greenpeace ship at Rio+20 Earth Summit

Twenty years after the original Earth Summit, the Greenpeace ship Rainbow Warrior arrives in Rio to urge politicians and negotiators not to ... tags: 20Brazilchangeclimategreenpeaceincoceans

Oceans must be a priority at Rio+20 Earth Summit

Professor Alex Rogers, Scientific Director of the International Programme on the State of the Oceans IPSO, reflects on a lack of progress ... tags: 20Brazilbusinesschangeclimateincoceans

Google Earth dives into the oceans at Rio+20

Oceans experts have teamed up with Google Earth to develop a new online tool to allow users to dive into the ocean and explore under the ... tags: 20BrazilchangeclimateincoceansRio

US blamed for blocking negotiations at Rio+20 Earth Summit

As momentum builds at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, two leading oceans experts point the finger at US negotiators as the stumbling block for a ... tags: 20Brazilbusinesschangeclimateincoceans

Oceans wrap Day 1

Oceans Inc presenter Charlotte Smith talks to Sue Lieberman of the Pew Environment Group about her aspirations for the Rio+20 Earth Summit ... tags: 20businesschangeclimateoceanspeoplePew

World Bank announces new Global Partnership for the Oceans

More than 80 governments, organisations and private companies have signed up for a new Global Partnership for the Oceans at the Rio+20 ... tags: 20businesschangeclimateenvironmentoceanspeople

Diplomatic row hits oceans negotiations at Earth Summit

A leading international marine lawyer explains to Oceans Inc that a diplomatic row between the US and the EU could derail negotiations at ... tags: 20BrazilchangeclimateincoceansRio

No Commitment for the High Seas

The final draft conference text on oceans delays action on protecting international waters, just as civil society groups vote it top ... tags: 20BrazilchangeclimateincoceansRio

Alternative summit shows the way forward for oceans at Rio+20

Negotiations to get better protection for the world's oceans may have faltered at the Rio+20 Earth Summit, but on the other side of town ... tags: 20Brazilchangeclimatehighlightsincoceans