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Motor mobil vom 17.12.2013 | Motor mobil

Ein Cabrio mitten im Winter - mit dem neuen A3 von Audi knnen auch die ganz Harten Haltung zeigen. Die Katze als Kombi - Jaguars neuer XF ... tags: 80a3audiautocabrioletdeutschedw

Drive it! from 17.12.2013 | Drive it!

A convertible in winter - the new A3 from Audi makes it happen. The cat's out of the bag - Jaguar's new XF Sportbrake. And ever-shorter ... tags: 80a3audiautobritaincarconvertible

Mit Stil: NSU RO 80 | Motor mobil

1967 kommt mit dem NSU Ro 80 eine Limousine auf den Markt, die mit ihrer revolutionren aerodynamischen Karosserie und ihrem Design ihrer ... tags: 80autodeutschedwmobilmotornsu

Vintage: The NSU RO 80 | Drive it!

The NSU Ro 80 sedan hit the market way back in 1967. With its revolutionary body and futuristic design it was ahead of its time. It relied ... tags: 80autocardeutschedrivedwit

Talk: Combating extreme right violence | Agenda

In this edition Combating extreme right violence one year after exposure of the NSU Neo-nazi terror cell, cycling sport's governing body ... tags: agendacycling_sportdeutsche_welledoping_scandalsguatemalaindigenous_protestorneo-nazi

More Clarity on Right-Wing Terror | People

For years right-wing terrorists carried out a series of murders in Germany. The victims were predominantly from immigrant backgrounds. It ... tags: committeedeutsche_welleinvestigatoryneo-nazinsupeople_politicsright-wing

NPD Ban - The German Government Backs Off | People

In the wake of the discovery of a murderous far-right terror cell in Germany, the NSU, Berlin has once again been mulling efforts to get ... tags: deutsche_welleextremismfar_rightnpdnsupeople_politicsright_wing

NSU Trial Controversy - The Battle for Courtroom Seats | People

The trial of the alleged right-wing German terrorist Beate Zschpe and her accomplices doesn't begin until April 17, but there's already ... tags: beate_zschäpecourtdeutsche_welleextremismmunichneonazinsu

Germany: Terrorists on Trial | European Journal

Beate Zschpe, alleged to be the only surviving member of the far-right National Socialist Unterground terror cell, is to be the main ... tags: Beate_Zschäpedeutsche_wellensuquadrigaterroristterror_cell

Beate Zschäpe and the NSU Quagmire | People

On April 17th, the world will be watching as opening arguments are heard in the trial of accused far-right terrorist Beate Zschpe and her ... tags: deutsche_wellenazinsupeople_politicsterroristzschäpe

Terrorist Victims - the Survivors Speak Out | People

German security agencies were slow in following up possible right-wing extremist motives for the murders, first considering ethnic ... tags: deutsche_wellemurdernaziNSUpeople_politicsterroristzschäpe

How Big is the Neo-Nazi Terror Network? | Journal Interview

Sebastian Edathy, Chairman of the German Parliament Inquiry, talks about this and other questions concerning the upcoming neo-nazi ... tags: deutsche_wellejournal_interviewneo_nazinsusebastian_edathyterrortrial