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NSA Sidesteps Questions About Congressional Spying

The NSA responded to a letter from Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, but did not explicitly say it was not spying on members of Congress. tags: bernie_sanderscongressional_spyingnewsynsa_congressnsa_spyingnsa_surveillancesenator_bernie_sanders

NSA Researching Code-Breaking Quantum Computer: Report

The NSA is pouring time, energy and nearly 80 million into investigating quantum computers as possible code breakers. tags: newsynsa_codebreakingnsa_surveillancensa_surveillance_leakquantum_codebreakingquantum_computerquantum_computer_research

New York Times, Guardian Call For Leniency For Snowden

Prosecutors have accused Edward Snowden of espionage, but the editorial boards of two newspapers are asking the Obama administration for ... tags: edward_snowdenedward_snowden_guardiannew_york_times_snowdennsa_leakernsa_prismnsa_surveillancesnowden_amnesty

NSA Surveillance Ruled Legal Days After Ruled Illegal

A ruling Friday found NSA phone surveillance legal, directly contradicting an earlier ruling by another federal judge. tags: National_Security_AgencyNSANsa_Phone_SurveillanceNsa_ScandalNsa_SurveillancePhone_SurveillancePolitics_News

Israel Slams U.S. Over New NSA Spying Reports

Israeli officials reacted angrily to a new report claiming the National Security Agency spied on the country's former prime minister. tags: ehud_barakisraeljonathan_pollardnetanyahunsansa_spyingnsa_surveillance

New Snowden Leaks Reveal Targets Of NSA, GCHQ Spying

A new report based on information leaked by Edward Snowden shows some of the targets under surveillance by the NSA and Britain's GCHQ. tags: david_cameronehud_olmertgchqisraelisraeli_prime_ministerjoaquin_almunianational_security_agency

Judge Says NSA Phone Surveillance Likely Unconstitutional

A federal judge says the NSA's practice of collecting phone records en masse violates the Fourth Amendment. tags: edward_snowdenglenn_greenwaldgovernment_spyingnational_security_agencynsansa_judgensa_surveillance

Snowden Scoop: NSA Infected 50K Networks With Malware

A report from the Snowden files indicates the NSA had compromised more than 50,000 networks worldwide to steal and store their data. tags: data_monitoringedward_snowdennewsynsansa_data_miningnsa_implantsnsa_leaks