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Nsa Leaks Videos - 2 by Popular

Report: U.S. Monitored Angela Merkel's Phone Since 2002

A new report suggests the U.S. has been spying on German Chancellor Angela Merkel's phone calls for more than a decade.

'Adult Supervision Required': NSA are 'middle-schoolers run amok'

Word of the far-reaching NSA surveillance is still echoing throughout Europe and will likely do major damage to the transatlantic ...

Latest Snowden Leak: NSA Spied on 35 World Leaders

A leaked NSA memo shows the company asked U.S. officials to share their contact lists, using the data to establish surveillance on foreign ...

Report: Edward Snowden's NSA Post Lacked Anti-Leak Software

The Hawaii NSA post where Edward Snowden last worked wasnt running software to track and prevent information leaks when he left with the ...

Glenn Greenwald Quits The Guardian for New Media Venture

Glenn Greenwald, the byline behind the Edward Snowden NSA leaks, is leaving The Guardian newspaper to launch a new publication.

Aaron Alexis, Snowden Cleared by Same Background-Check Firm

The security firm, USIS, is under fire for granting Alexis security clearance even after he was arrested in 2004 for shooting someone's ...

Report: NSA Monitors Foreign Credit Card Transactions

A new report by Der Spiegel says documents reveal the NSA monitors international payments and transactions to foreign countries.

Brazil Seeks to Move Away From U.S. Centered Internet

Brazil is seeking greater online independence for the country following allegations the NSA spied on its communications.

Brazil's President Cancels White House Visit Amid NSA Rumors

Dilma Rousseff called off a state visit to the White House after rumors emerged the NSA was spying on her communications and more.

Records Show NSA Broke Call-Tracking Rules for Years

The violation was discovered among secret legal filings and court opinions released by the Obama administration Tuesday.