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Kristen Wiig spreading laughter at TIFF 2013 with Guy Pearce in "Hateship Loveship"

Kristen Wiig, Guy Pearce, Nick Nolte and Hailee Steinfeld True Grit star in this family drama based on a short story by revered Canadian ...

Driving Fail

The Zookeeper 2011 - Driving Fail - Griffin Kevin James and Bernie Nick Nolte crash the zoo8217s van. tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

Flying High

The Zookeeper 2011 - Flying High - Griffin8217s Kevin James attempt to impress with flight during a wedding reception falls short. tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

Looks Like a Hero

The Zookeeper 2011 - Looks Like a Hero - The animals set up a rescue scenario for Griffin Kevin James so he8217ll look like a hero. tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

Porcupine Pinch

The Zookeeper 2011 - Porcupine Pinch - Griffin Kevin James gets pricked by a porcupine while attempting to impress Stephanie Leslie Bibb. tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

Teaser #1

The Zookeeper 2011 - Teaser 1 - At one particular zoo, the animals voiced by an all-star cast includingSylvester Stallone andAdam Sandler ... tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

Ordering Pizza

The Zookeeper 2011 - Ordering Pizza - The animals attempt to order pizzas over the phone. tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

The Zookeeper - Trailer #1

The Zookeeper 2011 - Trailer 1 - Some zoo animals voiced by an all-star cast including Sylvester Stallone and Adam Sandler decide to break ... tags: Adam_SandlerBarry_the_ElephantBas_RuttenBernie_the_GorillaCherCrowDonald_the_Monkey

Kitty's Evil Plan

Cats Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010 - Kitty's Evil Plan - Kitty Bette Midler describes her plan to drive dogs mad through to a tied ... tags: Bette_MidlerBrad_PeytonButchCalicoCarlos_AlazraquiCatherineChristina_Applegate

The Tech Specialist

Cats Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010 - The Tech Specialist - Peek Joe Pantoliano shows Diggs James Marsden his latest innovations, ... tags: Bette_MidlerBrad_PeytonButchCalicoCarlos_AlazraquiCatherineChristina_Applegate

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore - Trailer #1

Cats Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010 - Trailer 1 - Cats and dogs must work together to solve a mystery. tags: Bette_MidlerBrad_PeytonButchCalicoCarlos_AlazraquiCatherineChristina_Applegate

I Think I Like You

Cats Dogs The Revenge of Kitty Galore 2010 - I Think I Like You - Diggs James Marsden confesses his crush on Catherine Christina Applegate ... tags: Bette_MidlerBrad_PeytonButchCalicoCarlos_AlazraquiCatherineChristina_Applegate